Is there anything inarguable for you?

It seems that believing in something – even trusting it – is one thing. To rely on something seems like a whole new dimension. What do you believe is virtually inarguable?

Does what we believe matter?

I am a big fan of Love, yet we argue about Love. What is virtually unarguable that I believe in? Read on to find out…

Old hat, new hat…

Can the Power of Love be carried through an old worn out hat on purpose and a package returned to sender?

Two Tickets to Love.

Living on purpose is a contemplative, daily practice that seems to have no learning ceiling. Are you ready to give this Gift, live this Purpose and create the Vision you were given of a better self and world?

The Way of the Fear Hunter.

The more you stand in the Light of the truth as who you are in Love, the more you also see fear and shadows in the truth of what they are.

Fear or Love On Purpose?

The language of Love is so radically simple and powerful that it needs no further explanation.

Uncommon Courage

Uncommon Courage is a cutting edge of Love that dissolves fear. This is going to the edge of all you have known and taking one more step, into the unknown. A leap of faith that causes a leap of consciousness.

Cows Don’t Lay Eggs

Our pursuit of success often lies in the illusion of being something or somewhere else. Seeking it elsewhere will never work. Learn why here.