Two Tickets to Love.

In 1994, during the early stages of intense study of Dan Millman’s, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, I heard him say: “there are three things that affect everything. They are our view of life, ourselves, and our purpose within it.” This simple and powerful phrase stopped my mind in a ring of truth and accessibility. I am still learning how to apply it.

For me, living on purpose is a contemplative, daily practice that seems to have no learning ceiling. I’m learning to give this Gift, live this Purpose and create the Vision I am given of a better self and world.

In this morning’s reflection, I came across what I see as “Two Tickets to Love”.

A simple question – how shall I proceed to live on purpose, in these conditions and with these people?.. is one ticket to love.

All the problems of humanity and the world can be rolled up to just one question. This has a shortcut as
a by-product. It gives definition to a view of life, myself, and my purpose within it. In this question, life becomes an opportunity, I become an expression of presence and the blessed moment is a chance to receive, express and share love, here.

The second ticket to love is every situation and every person, (including you) can have just one function. It is to remind me constantly of the one Ticket to Love. In this view, you become a ticket to love.

I imagine some may think this is too idealistic, too simple for our complex world, or too sappy. So it is in their view of life, who they are, and their purpose within it. Yet as for you with an open mind, heart, and will… you could contemplate it, put it to practice, and see for yourself.

Will you let me know if you try it and share what you learn?

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.