Fear or Love on Purpose?

The Way of the Fear Hunter.

Many have said there are only two energies that move and motivate us. One is fear and the other is Love. In my experience I am learning that these two ideas are so diametrically opposed that they cannot co-exist. In other words it seems to be one OR the other.

The presence and motivation of fear or Love may be momentary and/or situational. In other words, I may be driven by fear regarding money, technology or aging and fitness. On the other hand, riding my Harley, writing an article or being sexual may be led by Love. Seeing it this way, I learn that, even though they shift extremely fast, it does seem that if Love is present, fear is not. And when fear is driving, Love is shadowed. The shifting may be so fast as to have it appear that they co-exist, yet closer examination by slowing the mind down, reveals it is one or the other.

I have asked many times in group work, what is the equal opposite to Love. The answers range from hate and various forms of indifference to fear. It is a loaded question. If LOVE is what most of us profess it to be, eternal, everywhere, all the time, omnipotent, omnipresent and all powerful… it could not have an equal opposite.

Imagine a tree. Let’s say that it is a real tree and it is made of courage. Now imagine the tree’s shadow. Let’s say the shadow of the tree is fear. You may see something like this…

Where is Love in this picture? Think of it for a minute. In the picture there is no confusion which is the tree (courage) and which is the shadow (fear). Yet where then, must Love Be?

There is only one without which, neither the tree nor the shadow exist or grow. In this picture they are all real as what they are. Yet they are not equal nor opposites. Someone in fear has only stepped in the shadow with the tree between them and the Light of Love.

Ironically, the more you stand in the Light of the truth as who you are in Love, the more you also see fear and shadows in the truth of what they are. This is The Way of the Fear Hunter.

Have you seen your shadow yet today? Please tell us how.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.