Cows Don’t Lay Eggs


… Love is Here


The most successful people are often the unhappiest. A man I worked with sold his business for 184 million dollars. Yet, he was one of the most miserable people I’ve encountered.

Before meeting him, I had always believed having enough money would make me happy. He proved to me beyond a doubt that money can never purchase happiness, peace, or fulfillment.

Time and time again, phenomenally talented, and successful people have shown me how normal it is to possess every measure of success and remain unfulfilled, unhappy, and irritable.

It is said that life is about the journey rather than the destination. The same is true for our pursuit of “success” as a path to attaining all we desire. The pursuit often brings more happiness than the realization of it. Those still aspiring for success can enjoy the illusion of someday, somewhere else.

Someday I will have the perfect house…

Someday I will have enough money…

Someday I will get the right job…

Someday I will be with the beautiful woman, or man…

Those who have ‘made it’ often tend to be less happy. They can no longer live the illusion that someday they will have all they need then be happy.

Feeling unhappiness, for those that have arrived at success, is no mystery at all. The illusion of happiness someday has lost its appeal. They are disillusioned and may be ready to deal with reality.

For many, the answer appears to be the perpetual pursuit for more. How else could we explain millionaires striving to become billionaires and billionaires striving for more and more? Yet this keeps the illusion alive rather than dispelling it.

They (and possibly you) are looking for love in all the wrong places.

Seeking it elsewhere will never work.

How many times have you told yourself I will finally be peaceful, satisfied and fulfilled when I reach _________ goal.

The Wisdom of the ages and most of humanity professes that Love is omnipotent and omnipresent… everywhere all the time. If this is true, we would begin to accept the common teaching of sages throughout history.

Love Is Here.

Think about this for a moment. If Love is, in fact, omnipotent and omnipresent… everywhere all the time, it must be right where you are as you read these words!

I recently asked a wealthy (and unhappy) client who had all the measures of success, a simple but revealing question “would you go to a cow to get eggs?”

His reply came quickly: “Of course not. Cows don’t lay eggs, they give milk. Chickens lay eggs.”

Accepting this began his journey to discover that expecting happiness and fulfillment from success in any place other than this moment was the equivalent of expecting cows to lay eggs.

If Love Is Here, and you are Here, On Purpose Now… why would you ever leave this time and place to find it somewhere else.

Are you going to a cow to get eggs?