The Secret Keys to Mastering Love, On
Purpose Now

Anger. Sadness. Fear

That’s right! Straight through the doorway of the fiercest of anger, the deepest of sorrow and the paralysis of fear are the secret keys to Mastering Love!

Yet first – a learning process.

Awareness. Admitting. Acceptance.

There is much-enlightened rhetoric about “Consciousness”. I have heard hundreds of times “awareness” is everything. Yet there are hundreds of people at bars who say “I know I am an alcoholic”, order another drink… and keep right on getting drunk.

Awareness is not everything. It takes more than just awareness to initiate sustained changes, BUT awareness is the
place to start!

The human ego is an addict. The definition of addiction is “a mental obsession to a physical feeling”. One of my addictions was a mental obsession with drinking Jack Daniels to feel physically drunk and numb myself from emotional pain. The Ego’s addiction is a mental obsession with fear creating the physical feeling of adrenaline.

Recovery from this condition does start with awareness. Yet, there is added clarity, power, and speed when we also admit and accept our ingrained habits and patterns of fear and adrenaline.

Thus, one of the underlying processes that empower your shift to Purpose is:

1) Awareness 2) Admitting 3) Accepting.

Call it – AAA On Purpose. This learning process is a powerful method for creating “Consciousness” which (simply
defined) is:

1) Becoming aware of where we were unaware
2) Admitting what we have denied
3) Accepting what is as it is and ending the battle with reality

When the process above has been followed, consciously it gains momentum and speeds up the process. Doing
intentionally what we have done, in the past, intuitively – brings added clarity, power, and speed.

Here is a way to put this to practice for yourself (write): I am aware of a sense of discomfort or dis-ease with
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ (situation).

I admit it is not ____________________________________________ (situation) that is causing the discomfort and dis-ease. Rather it is my perspectives and experience about this situation.

I accept these are my perspectives and experiences…

Write or name your perspectives and experiences:

My thoughts and beliefs of this situation is:



My feelings and emotions of this situation are:



For example, I am AWARE of discomfort with how much time my daughter spends in her room.

I admit it is not my daughter or how she spends her time that causes my discomfort.

Rather it is my perspectives and experiences about *my daughter* that causes my dis-ease.

I ACCEPT these are my perspectives and experiences of… the judgment of my daughter. The judgment of myself as a father. Blaming myself for not knowing how to guide her without being punitive. Worry about whether she is depressed or isolating. Thinking I need to fix the situation, her, or myself to prove I am good enough as a dad. These perspectives and experiences are mine.

Using this process, and being honest and sincere with yourself, you could feel a substantial sense of relief as you come to the place of acceptance with what is — and end the battle with reality, in your mind.

A focused pause will then start to open the mind and enhance the ability to hear from a Voice that is not resistance but begins with Acceptance of what is. This is the Voice of Purpose. Listen, listen, listen and Hear the Voice of Purpose. It can be heard so very clearly in the space of Acceptance.

Now back to the original idea… Mastering Love, On Purpose Now.

When you admit, anger, sadness, and fear you have shifted to the part of the mind that knows Love. It takes Love to consciously increase awareness, admit and accept these. They are therefore the keys or doorways to Mastering Love On Purpose. Who knew!?

Use this to practice taking ANGER, SORROW & FEAR through a process of Awareness, Admitting and Acceptance.
This is a practice for Mastery of Love, On Purpose Now.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.