Fear or Love on Purpose?

Within the Life Purpose Guidance system, there is a premise of binary  options. One option is the fear-based thought system of the ego. The other option is life On Purpose. Said simply, we choose between the option for fear or Purpose.

In working with others to discover and live their Life On Purpose, I have learned a choice of two languages. One is the language of fear spoken by the ego. It generally believes and asserts you as not good enough, unlovable and/or unwanted. The language it speaks is of a victim. The other I have come to recognize as a language of Love. This is the language used to activate giving your Gift, living your Purpose, and building the Vision you have of a better self and world. It is creative in nature, whereas the language of fear is critical.

The language of fear and the language of love can be recognized by becoming familiar with only 6 key words or phrases in each language.

It can be almost certain the voice of the ego is speaking, based on some fear, when these following word’s/phrases are used:




                               “Need to”

                               “Have to”


In examining the natural dynamics of a couple of these, we can see the reasons for this.

For example, “you should have done your homework sooner”. Such a statement is the onset of neurosis. It sets off literal insanity. Now, in the present moment, it makes the declaration of what should have been done in a past moment that can never possibly be accomplished, simply because that moment is gone and will never be available again. This word, should, is the past tense of shall. You might say, “I shall do my homework this evening”. This gives thought, energy, and action to something which is possible, rather than burning cycles on what is impossible – trying to relive an impossible past.

Each of these words set in motion a dynamic for something that only gives commentary to whatever subject it is applied to. They displace the allowance and activation of creativity, being critical in nature. They only “mis-create” the world of commentary and opinion which is two degrees removed from being creative.

Another example, “I would like to share more intimacy with my partner, BUT… they do not like it when I am too vulnerable, and they shut down”. In this statement, I have unconsciously declared myself a victim to my own opinion of my partner’s likes/dislikes. I have stepped back two degrees from any direct creativity. 1) My partner’s likes or dislikes. 2) My opinion about them. Neither one of these will activate anything like intimacy, much less
creativity. They will, instead, give attention to their likes and dislikes and/or my opinion. By contrast, when I say or think, “I can just take her hand as we are walking into dinner tonight”, I have taken a real step into creativity and intimacy.

Thus, the nature of the language of fear is to take you further into its shadows of judgment, commentary, and opinions. Thereby displacing your real creative ability by being critical.

The Language of Love, on the other hand, leads you into your Creative Self and gives direct access to giving your Gift, living your Purpose, and building the Vision you have for a better self and world.

Just like the language of fear, the language of Love, can be recognized by as few as 6 key words or phrases. They are:

                               “I acceptance and/or allow”                               

                              “I am willing”

                             “I can”

                            “I want to”

                           “I intend to

                          “I am committed to”

The examples of this are so powerful and simple it takes very little explanation to understand them. “I accept that my homework is not yet done, and I can work on it now”. Or “I intend to share more intimacy with
my partner. I can hold her hand at dinner tonight and I will express my appreciation for her”.

The language of Love is so radically simple and powerful that it needs no further explanation.

If you want to feel a substantial increase in your thought, energy and action being sourced and thrust by your creativity and Purpose, take a few minutes to write the key phrases for each language. Keep them handy for easy reference. As you go about your day take a few moments to reflect and notice when you were speaking the language of fear or when you are creating Love On Purpose.

I hope you will notice, with just a little practice, the simple and powerful difference in life as you speak the language of Love.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.