Uncommon Courage

Working the Cutting Edge of Love

What is the “cutting edge of Love?” you may ask. There are many moments when we are faced with an important choice. Answering one simple question could bring clarity and transform the
trajectory of your life. This powerful question is, “Do you trust fear over Love, or will you trust Love over

The cutting edge of Love is a moment in which we choose to be guided by fear or either by Love On Purpose.

To be clear, the reference to Love here is not about a feeling or an emotion. Rather, it is a powerful force that transcends and transforms yourself and your life. It is a Love that will kill you. The beginning of Love is the end of the Ego. In this way, it does kill the fearful self. Yet it is not violent. Fear grows in denial, confusion and blame. Fear dissolves in Love.

Uncommon Courage is a cutting edge of Love that dissolves fear. This is going to the edge of all you have known and taking one more step, into the unknown. A leap of faith that causes a leap of consciousness.

Have you ever run headfirst into the ocean’s surf? You can take off running from the beach and accelerate into the water. If you keep running the ocean tackles and takes you. Exactly when or how that will happen is totally unknown. What is known, is the vastness of the ocean overcomes you. Yet as you surrender and give yourself unconditionally to the ocean, you find yourself immersed in its strength
and power.

The transition from running to swimming happens naturally. There is also a transfer of trust from the known of the beach to the unknown of water. You can literally feel that transfer, a leap of consciousness from trusting the beach that you can see to trusting the ocean with all its unseen mysteries. All you have to do, is muster the courage to take off running. From there, the ocean tackles you, takes you and shows you the rest.

Any time you have faced the unknowns of life, and moved into it, you have activated this type of courage. Think of the way a toddler learns to walk? Take a step… and fall down. Get up and take another step. How to walk, by taking two steps in a row, is completely unknown until it is accomplished. The first day of school, the first time you took the training wheels off your bicycle, learning a new skill or sport, the first kiss, the first time you had sex. Aren’t you so glad you activated the power of uncommon courage, faced the unknown by daring the risk of failure and did it anyway!?

If you have made a choice to learn, live On Purpose, you will face similar unknowns again and again, over and over. How do I nourish and energize my body On Purpose, rather than from a place of guilt? How do I raise my children with intention, rather than by judging, attacking and punishing them with the fears of my ego? How do I create a relationship that is a true expression of my love and purpose? How do I live with purpose in my work? I must make money, how do I earn, manage and spend money on purpose?

To fully realize the opportunity of living On Purpose across the spectrum of life, you will need to
unlearn old fear based habits of the ego. In this case, it will take uncommon courage applied to facing and admitting fears. You will come to understand that “know fear = no fear”.

Let’s see how we can put this theory of “uncommon courage” to work for you in a current situation. Bring to your mind a relationship where you’d like to experience a greater sense of freedom, power and inspiration. Maybe this is with a spouse, child, or sibling. It could also be with an employee, boss, parent, or dear friend.

When you see this person, allow recent scenes of your interactions and thoughts to play and give you a sense of the current situation in your mind. Notice your thoughts and feelings. Is there a way you can bring raw honesty to yourself about how you feel and what you’d like? Notice what you imagine them thinking and feeling. Is there a way you can bring radical responsibility to the relationship by owning your thoughts and feelings absolutely? Can you also disown their thoughts and feelings completely, allowing them to have what is theirs?

There is a type of courage that opens your heart – sometimes with so much joy, it feels like it will burst. Other times, this courage breaks your heart open. This is the courage to stop fighting and instead
make a shift to live and express yourself thoughtfully… from a place of Purpose. It takes “Uncommon Courage” to live with purpose.

I am hoping you will be surprised at the freedom, power and inspiration you experience from activating and taking the action to live with Uncommon Courage, On Purpose Now.

Feel the cutting edge of Love…


If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.