Is there anything inarguable for you?

It seems that believing in something – even trusting it – is one thing. To rely on something seems like a whole new dimension. What do you believe is virtually inarguable?

Old hat, new hat…

Can the Power of Love be carried through an old worn out hat on purpose and a package returned to sender?

Know Fear = No Fear

Most of us have no reason to believe the more we are aware of, admit, and accept fear, the less we have of it. Yet the more you look at fear, the more you see the truth that lies beyond it.

Checkmate: Ego.

The only thing that displaces your Purpose Here and Now, is fear of knowing, trusting and serving your Purpose, in these conditions and with these people… Here and Now.

The Ego’s Death Sentences

The process of dissolving the Ego is increasing Awareness, Admitting and Accepting. This is accepting the ego itself and the fear based beliefs and behaviors that make it up.

The Way of the Fear Hunter.

The more you stand in the Light of the truth as who you are in Love, the more you also see fear and shadows in the truth of what they are.

Fear or Love On Purpose?

The language of Love is so radically simple and powerful that it needs no further explanation.