Checkmate: Ego.

In the game of chess, the term “checkmate” means the king is in a check from which there is no escape.

This is the end of the game in chess.

The question… Do you want to live On Purpose Now?… when answered with an honest and authentic “yes”, is the end of being a victim. Having unknowingly relinquished the right to be a victim, this is a checkmate for the ego, your ego. Like in the game of chess, this is the end of the ego’s game.

The beginning of life On Purpose is the end of the ego. Think of it this way… when you say “yes, I want to live On Purpose Now”, the next questions and ensuing action become very clear. You may hear a voice, “BUT I don’t know what it is”.

There is only one thing to do next, discover your purpose… On Purpose. When you have crossed that hurdle, the next guiding thought emerges naturally, “BUT I don’t know-how”. Again, there is only one next thing to do… learn how to live… On Purpose Now.

The “process” (if you will) of checkmate on the Ego goes like this…

1) Do you want to live On Purpose Now?
           → “Yes”, honestly = no more victim.

2) What is my Purpose?
           → “Remember/discover/create/take Jesus’ or Buddha’s/or steal mine” …whatever it takes, get a Purpose that inspires you!

3) Learn how to live On Purpose Now, and Now, Here and Here!

It IS that simple.

You may have heard the old adage “simple but not easy”. For most of us, there are years of fear-based conditioning that displaces a whimsical idea of creating life On Purpose.

The only thing that displaces your Purpose Here and Now, is fear of knowing, trusting and serving your Purpose, in these conditions and with these people… Here and Now.

Are you willing to see and = admit everything that is in The Way? If you stay with it, you will inevitably become a skillful Fear Hunter.

You can use your Purpose to smoke out every fear in every form.

As you magnify, amplify and empower the voice and presence of Purpose in your mind, the fear that displaces it is exposed. Fear expands in denial, confusion, and projection (blame). Fear dissolves in exposure.

You may have heard “all the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of just one candle”. Allow your Purpose to light the candle of life within your heart and mind. Fan the flames of Purpose until all the fear and
darkness is brought out of the shadows. Paradoxically, the more you see and admit fear, allowing the light of Purpose shine through you, the less fear you have.

You may find it is necessary to put the Ego in checkmate many (maybe thousands and thousands of) times. It is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1) Do I want to live On Purpose Now?
          → Yes.

2) Will I see and admit everything that is in The Way?
         → Yes.

3) How do I live On Purpose Now in these conditions and with these people?
        → Listen, expose fear, learn!

Checkmate: Ego.

The beginning of Purpose is the end of the Ego’s Game to prove fear is real.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.