Recalibrating Relationships and Life.

As you are learning to live On Purpose there may be a sense of disorientation at times. This is natural, a part of the process.

When you have deliberately chosen your Purpose and make a practice of how to live it, you go through
countless expansions of consciousness. Each time you shed a layer of fear there will be new bandwidth
for directing thought, energy, and action On Purpose.

When you were oriented around fear and are becoming more oriented around Purpose, there is a natural stage of disorientation.

The process can be integrated and optimized with conscious recalibration. Once you are in a new realm
of functioning On Purpose, your thoughts, feelings, and actions will be different. This may seem foreign initially. If you are present with what is happening in the mind, you will be able to sense and see as the thought patterns shift. Once you have integrated within yourself, there is necessary retuning and adjustment to recalibrate with people and conditions that you are committed to staying attuned with.

Some people have radical transformation and awakenings. With each occasion of piercing the veils and being aware of the power and essence of Purpose – there occurs an expansion of the caliber of Consciousness. This is especially true with aware exposure to the fields of absolute Acceptance, including yourself.

Now must you (the body/mind/circuitry – transmitter) recalibrate with the world of relativity and
people, almost all of which have not undergone or witnessed an expansion of Consciousness. They yet
still appear to be and believe themselves separate from Purpose (Love, Peace, Grace).

Recalibration then is the intentional and deliberate adjusting, resetting and retuning the expanded caliber of consciousness with related people, conditions and activities of life. Doing this extends the benefit of your Awakening.

Take a few moments to scan your mind and see if/where you have felt disoriented or awkward in a situation or relationship…

See if you can come up with three examples. Make a note to yourself of how you seem to have changed, what is different about how you think and feel. Consider how you could engage them and recalibrate what is different for you as you are SEEING more and more from a place of Purpose.

Apply the Nike Law… “Just Do It”!

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.