Shadow as a Doorway to Purpose.

Most of us have no reason to believe the more we look at fear, the more we can see the truth beyond it.

Denying our shadow gives it power.  Fear grows in denial, confusion and projection (blame).  It dissolves in exposure.  In my practice and working with others, I see and learn this almost daily.

When I believe fear is real, it is exhausting.  When we shine the light, it is our doorway to freedom.  Willie Nelson wrote in his autobiography, “when you sing the blues, you lose the blues.”

To become aware, admit and accept fear for it for what it is, creates a miraculous shift of consciousness.  The mechanics of this are inescapable.

A way I experience this directly is to give myself a BUT Reduction.  Here’s a recent example:

1)  Heartfelt Intention:
            • To live with Love as The Context of life.

2)  What are my BUTs?..
            • BUT… I still judge myself, life and people, harshly at times (I list the examples).
            • BUT…  The pain and suffering of my judgment can be excruciating.
3)  When I think these BUTs, what do I feel?..
           • Lonely, ashamed, guilty and blame.
           • Mental suffering and emotional pain.

4)  What do I DO, when I think these BUTs and feel these emotions?
          • I want out of this moment, out of this skin.
          • Look for ways to anesthetize myself.  
          • Check email 100 times to see who will save me.  
          • Go looking for my old friend, food, and eat some.
*At this point, a logical part of the mind starts to discern with honesty.  These are probably not authentic expressions of my Heartfelt Intention or Purpose.  The shadows of my psyche are exposed, no longer creating confusion or blame elsewhere.  It takes light to see shadow.  The mechanics are inescapable.  Shedding light on the shadow relocates us to the better part of ourselves.

Give this a try using the prompts above, or the attached BUT Reduction Worksheet will give you the full practice.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.