The Ego’s Death Sentences

The process of dissolving the Ego is increasing Awareness, Admitting and Accepting. This is accepting the ego itself and the fear based beliefs and behaviors that make it up. “Make it up” is an accurate way of saying it too.

There is much abstraction about the ego, what it is, why it is, where it came from? If you have participated in the Life Purpose Curriculum or the School On Purpose, you may have experienced both the birth and the death of the ego. This doesn’t mean it didn’t reassert itself in moments of doubt, but you could have seen what it is, where it came from and why its development made sense in the context of events when you were disadvantaged, compromised and/or victimized. It is a series and system of beliefs, habits and results that were born in the fear based events of the past. Said another way, it is a reactive separation formation made of fear… fear an acronym for “false events appearing real.”

Upon seeing the ego, the most common response is to get rid of it. How do I change this, what do I do about it, how do I get rid of these fears and beliefs? This is also the ego… it is wanting to get rid of itself. It won’t work. Thus, the idea of increasing awareness, admitting and accepting it for what it is. Meet it with your Creative Self… Let it be, and Live On Purpose Now.

There are a few sentences that almost always bring the dissolution of the ego. Application of these require radical acceptance and an uncommon honesty and fortitude of Living On Purpose.
Here they are:

The Ego’s Death Sentences

I am too afraid to give up the “need” to be right.
b) I need to be right about what I believe is wrong with myself, life and other people.
c) I am afraid if I am not right, I will be condemned.
d) I need to right about how impossible it is to live with purpose, in these conditions, with these people and myself here, now.

I don’t yet have the courage to stop fighting with myself, life as it is, and other people.
a) I don’t want to accept these conditions and these people.
b) I don’t yet have the courage to face life on these terms.
c) Life needs to be different for me to live On Purpose Now.

I must still enjoy the bloody taste of judgment, blame and resentment (guilt, drama, terror, hate, horror, doubt and separation from reality).
a) I should and have to be different before I can accept this.
b) They should and have to be different.
c) Life should and has to be different.

As gory as it may seem, these sentences bring a rare depth of awareness, admitting and acceptance of the ego and its fear based belief system. They also bring a sobering pause and dissolution to the ego’s ranting grievances with life’s conditions here and now. In that instant, the stopped mind can make a true choice and shift to purpose.

You may hear a voice that says, “I am NOT afraid to give up the need to be right! I DO have the courage to stop fighting with myself! I do NOT enjoy the bloody taste of judgment, blame and resentment”! If so, it is that very voice of the ego that does what it defends against.

Is it not being right, fighting with yourself and life, judging, blaming and creating resentment?
It is not necessary for you to believe these “death sentences” for them to work and bring you a rare depth of freedom, power and inspiration. It is only necessary that you practice with them, be honest with yourself and willing to lay down the sword of judgment in exchange for the freedom of acceptance You might be amazed with just a little application and practice.

Allow the power of the practice (not your judgment) to bring an uncommon relief and depth of power and inspiration. The truth really does set us free!

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.