Amidst the shadows of life-defining challenges…

Mike Valentine activates a rare ability to bring to light the transformative power of Purpose and produce real results. With the combination of a strong backbone, kind heart, and direct approach, Mike has been professionally coaching people from all walks of life for more than 30 years.

Mike has spent over 30,000 hours developing leaders and scaled the ladder across three industries. His experience as a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate executive complemented by his training as a leader has brought him to his unique role as a Life Purpose Guide.

As a young man, Mike experienced his share of challenges. He needed purpose to pull him through. His career started at 14 as a structural ironworker on high-rise buildings in Houston, Texas. He followed a path that hollowed out his spirit and life. Then, with the birth of a beloved baby girl, he said, “This is it, a turning point.” Since then, Mike has spent 30 years studying and practicing disciplines East and West, integrating physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual practices.


Mike has taught corporate leadership development, worked with personal and family relationships and the realization of peak performance and human potential. He served as an instructor for Dan Millman’s Peaceful Warrior Courage Training and was a business partner with Bill Phillips, author of Body for Life.

The fires of life have tempered Mike’s character and left a burning devotion to helping others live happier, healthier lives expressed through transpersonal Purposes. For the last 15 years, Mike has pioneered On Purpose Guidance Systems, which transcend usual approaches by unlocking the power of true intention to create sustainable change and real results.

Mike’s integral expertise addressing the psychological, emotional, practical, and spiritual aspects of life and business awakens dormant energy and harnesses real power. With this methodology, Mike supports people in all walks of life to make the shift to live and function On Purpose Now.

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