Look into the bottom of Your Heart.

Courage is the cutting edge of Love. Where it cuts, fear is released and the mind and heart are opened. You will find everything it takes lying like a shining treasure at the bottom of your heart.

For an ease of explanation, here is an overview of our three approaches:

Life Purpose Discovery Methods

Life Purpose

A Guide who has discovered their Life Purpose and has learned to live it will bring refreshing clarity, power, and speed to your process. A private guided journey in the discovery and implementation of your Gift, Purpose, and Vision is the surest way and shortest route.

Life Purpose

Shared journeys of discovering and implementing your Gift, Purpose, and Vision brings added dimensions. The group dynamic can expose common hidden barriers and accelerate the process through shared learning and community support.

On Purpose

The helping professions and our Library On Purpose offers effective tools for discovering your Gift, living On Purpose, and creating your Vision of a better self and world. We call it the “jackass and compass” method — learning from bumps in the road and a sore ass.

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