Old hat, new hat…

Can the Power of Love be carried through an old worn out hat on purpose and a package returned to sender?

This Year On Purpose.

Use your One Year on Purpose Initiative to help determine your actions On Purpose day by day. With time, you will feel a steady current of clarity and direction.

Retrograde: On Purpose

To live practicing a chosen Purpose is retrograde to the fear driven motivations of the world and how most humans live within in it. To live On Purpose Now is retrograde.

Know Fear = No Fear

Most of us have no reason to believe the more we are aware of, admit, and accept fear, the less we have of it. Yet the more you look at fear, the more you see the truth that lies beyond it.

Checkmate: Ego.

The only thing that displaces your Purpose Here and Now, is fear of knowing, trusting and serving your Purpose, in these conditions and with these people… Here and Now.

Two Tickets to Love.

Living on purpose is a contemplative, daily practice that seems to have no learning ceiling. Are you ready to give this Gift, live this Purpose and create the Vision you were given of a better self and world?

Fear or Purpose?

All you need to know about fear and purpose can be learned from an I-beam. Here’s why.