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If you have decided to discover and live your Life Purpose,
your journey is underway.

The commitment to discover and live On Purpose will illuminate the path and reveal each next step. There will be times to forge ahead trusting your own guidance and direction. There will be other times when guidance can be valuable and, most likely, times when you are stuck or completely lost. These are all stages through which, if you persist, you will learn much and find your way to continual advancement. There are many ways to the realization of your Path and Purpose. You may have heard the adage, “many paths, one Way”. For sure you will discover that the path of Purpose follows The Way of Love. As with all paths, self dissolves into Love, Here …On Purpose Now.


We host two types of group events which support your quest to find, and stay on, your path to living On Purpose:

Games On Purpose are a path with community engagement and shared learning, playing on teams.  There is the Life Purpose Game, the Love On Purpose Game for dating and relationships, and the Fitness Game On Purpose.

The School On Purpose is a three-day group workshop coupled with a year of guide modules, including the Life Purpose Game. In a day of fear hunting, you will see the anatomy of your ego thought system. In stark contrast to the Shadow Self, you will discover your Creative Self comprised of your transpersonal Gift, Purpose, and Vision. From there creating your future On Purpose is a natural and easy step.


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