Thrust by Purpose.

Within the idea of “giving your Gift, living On Purpose and creating the Vision you have for a better self and world”… Purpose is the one that brings POWER.

    • Your Gift is the fuel.
    • Purpose is the Thrust.
    • Vision is your compass.

If you are at a loss of thrust, not able to find the real power to move/act, you could benefit from magnifying Your Purpose.

Think of it this way; in any situation or area of life where there is a lack of Freedom, Power and Inspiration – you may be lacking Purpose. This is to say that either the ego has a foothold in that situation or you have not yet consciously and truly brought your Purpose to it.

If you don’t choose your Purpose and decide how you will live it, you won’t!

This guide module will help you bring Clarity, Power and Speed to “deciding how you will live it”.

Try this simple “fear hunting” technique: Close your eyes and scan your mind for a situation where you seem to be lacking Power.

When I do this, what comes to top of mind is “supporting my son (16) and daughter (18) in completing High School and starting their lives as young adults”. Many concerns play on the screen of my mind. I think of their needs for money, their ability to take care of themselves, their skills and competencies, their ability and willingness to be responsible for themselves and create their own sense of autonomy. There is a sense of sluggishness with these thoughts.

Many default beliefs of the critical self are right there in the scenes too.

I haven’t taught them well.

I failed them as their dad.

It’s my fault.

I have to admit, these are obviously not an expression or application of my chosen Purpose. As I look a little deeper, I see them. Young, innocent, curious, intelligent, vulnerable, (both of them in their own way). The mind asks a question which has been engrained with practice:

“Do I want to live On Purpose Now”… as my children cross into young adulthood? YES! Yes, I do.

This is the response of the soft yet powerful Voice of Purpose. With this question and answer comes a sense of relief. I have come into Now, this present moment. The only time it is possible to live On Purpose is Now, the only place is Here!

Now take the trip in your own mind…

Envision a situation where you seem to be lacking Freedom, Power and Inspiration. Let the scenes play in your mind.

As you watch the scenes – notice the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that texture the scenes and give the undertones. Note them as clearly as you can.


  • I think…
  • I feel..


Stay with it until it has become clear and you are able to see through the mind of fear, doubt and worry to the situation itself. This will occur a bit like watching mud settle in water and the water becoming clear. When the mud of the mind and emotions has settled, while still looking at the scene, bring to mind your chosen purpose or a heartfelt intention for this situation.

Maybe your Intention is to be Thoughtful, Compassionate and Resilient. Whatever it is, amplify, magnify and strengthen it in your mind.

You could say to yourself, “I intend to be Thoughtful, Compassionate and Resilient in the situation with ____________________________________”.

Now ask, “With this as my Purpose…

  • Who will I be?
  • How will I feel?
  • What will I do?

Play this a few times in your mind, each time pausing to See what the Voice of Purpose will show you. Stay with it till you can see at least two or more options for a next move. Then, discover the one that moves you most.

Write it!:

Who I will be is ______________________________________________________________________.

What I will feel is ____________________________________________________________________. What I will do is _____________________________________________________________________.

Decide when you are going to take this next action THEN –

Apply the Nike rule… Just Do It!

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.