This Year On Purpose.

How shall I proceed On Purpose Now?

The repetition of this question can become a valuable asset to your working mind. Putting it into  practice and reinforcing it will help you reach a point where you are no longer making the shift to Purpose. Rather you will find yourself sustaining the devotion to giving your Gift, living On Purpose, and creating the Vision you have of a better self and world.

A powerful enabler in the process is a One-Year On Purpose Initiative. Along with your 10-Year Vision, it can be valuable to look at the next Year On Purpose! If you participated in the individual Life Purpose Curriculum or the School On Purpose (group work), we did a version of the “Next Year On Purpose”.

If you don’t choose your Purpose and decide how you will live it… you won’t!

When was the last time you reviewed your One Year On Purpose Initiative? How is it guiding you along the Awakening Journey of Life On Purpose Now?

If you have a One Year On Purpose Initiative, get it out and read it now. Let it show you the next steps to take toward fulfilling it. Ask yourself this valuable question: How, today am I moving toward this Vision or fulfilling some aspect of it? If you can’t see that your plans for the day are aligned with the fulfillment of your Vision, there is a good chance they aren’t. You may consider changing them.

If you don’t have a One Year On Purpose Initiative (either have not created it or don’t know where it is), follow these simple instructions to create one!!!

• Imagine this date one year from now.
• Think of a magazine, favorite newspaper, online publication, or news source.
• In your mind’s eye visualize them writing an article about your life On Purpose over the next year.
• Write what you’d love for the headline to be.

Here are some examples:
“Courtney breaks through to Money On Purpose.”
“Mary’s exponential business growth is contagious. It permeates her life and family.”
“Matt finally commits and marries the love of his life.”

You want this to be a substantial measure of progress in an area of your life that would permeate and include the other important dimensions naturally. It should be a stretch, yet achievable. That is, you believe it could happen. There is always room to exceed it.

Now, give this some thought and write your headline:

Next imagine, if this headline were true, what will be the results that are evidence of it? List at 6 results that you would LOVE to have within the next year:

To realize those results, list 6 – 12 actions you see would move you toward them _________________________________________________________________

Now take a moment to consider number 4, 5 & 6 above. Imagine if it was up to you to coach this person (yourself) to fulfill this Vision, what would you say are the keys to succeeding?

For example:

“It is important to stay focused, review this Vision, and mark my progress.”
“The keys to success are to avoid distractions during business hours, get a good night’s sleep, and start early.”
“Plan my week, work my plan, review, and make sure I learn lessons along the way.”

Now write your keys to success (can be as little as 1 or up to 3):

Once you have written numbers 4, 5, 6 & 7 above, open and print the attachment labeled “One Year On  Purpose Initiative”. The work you have done above will be transposed into this form.

As you transfer it, you may notice subtle edits to make which make it feel more comfortable, clear or powerful.

On the attachment “One Year On Purpose Initiative”:

Date it one year from this date (or feel free to use a future date you would like to have this completed).

Transfer your work according to the following:

#4 above – is your “Intention”
#5 above – are your “Play fors”
#6 above – are your “Plays”
#7 above – is your “Game plan”

Now, place this somewhere handy so that you can refer to it at least once a week.

Use it to help determine your actions On Purpose day by day. With this practice, you will feel a steady current of clarity and direction. As each day passes you will know more and more peace as you have done your best to give your Gift, live your Purpose, and create your Vision of a better life, self, and world.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.