Living On Purpose: an Art, Science, and Sport.

What does it mean to Live On Purpose?

This is a common question that seems to be embedded in the minds of most people. Perhaps the question is better than any fixed answer we would give it. I have been studying and practicing Living On Purpose Now consciously, very actively, and enthusiastically since September 29, 1990. As of this writing almost 28 years. I still learn every day what it means, how the power is applied, and how different applications in various situations and conditions of life are a common occurrence each day. Thus, Living On Purpose is an Art, Science, and Sport, an infinite (never-ending practice) applied in the arena of daily life.

What makes one successful at living On Purpose?

This is a long-deliberated question. It seems to go far beyond what most of us relate to as our individual selves. There are environmental, cultural, and spiritual influences the sum of which remain a mystery. However, there are certain factors that seem to have a substantial influence on your ability to live more and more effectively sourced and thrust by your chosen Purpose.

They are:
1. An Open Mind
2. Honesty
3. Humility
4. Willingness
5. Intention
6. Practice

The last one, Practice, when persisted endlessly will eventually give rise to the other 5. If you are not sure about any of the others… Practice! This is the ONE thing you can always do. With practice, the other characteristics will come.

What is the Art?

Living On Purpose begins with choosing a sovereign virtue or value as the central organizing principle from which the entirety of life is ordered. Just embarking on the discovery process and arriving at a Purpose as the sole motivation for existence, naturally thrusts you into the Art of Living On Purpose. From there the refinement of understanding and applying, bringing more and more grace, trust, and true power to your embodiment and application can be a fine Art of expressing your Creative Self.

What is the Science?

One definition of science is a systemically organized body of knowledge in a particular subject. In this sense, the science of Living On Purpose is being offered to you as the tools and teachings of the On Purpose Now Guidance System.

What is the Sport?

Fear Hunting is the Sport of Living On Purpose Now. The only thing that ever stops you from living On Purpose, in these conditions and with these people, is fear!

Know Fear = No Fear.

Whenever you are not On Purpose for any reason and in any situation, you can be certain some fear is displacing your devotion and commitment to Live On Purpose Now. If you can accept this as a sport and find your way to Fear Hunting passionately, the magnitude of power and effectiveness at living On Purpose increases dramatically. This simple practice creates a shift to Purpose that is essential to engage the sport.

The moment you realize and admit that you are not On Purpose and become willing to see the fear that is displacing it… you are back On Purpose… Fear Hunting On Purpose Now requires the greatest tests and skills of your application.

If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.