There are countless ways you can discover and live your life purpose. For ease of navigation, we have organized them into the following three methods.

Private Life Purpose Journeys

A Guide who has done the work to discover their Life Purpose, and continues to do their own work to live it, brings a very refreshing combination of clarity, power, and speed to your process. Hiring a Guide and taking a private journey in the discovery and implementation of your Gift, Purpose, and Vision is the surest way to the shortest route.  If you want the special attention and direct focus of a Guide, this is the route for you.

Private and Custom Programs

Life Purpose Work

The benefit of a Master
Life Purpose Guide
Fear Hunter
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Custom Leaders On Purpose

New levels of
Clarity, Focus & Ability
Power of Purpose
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On Purpose

Learn together to
Live and Love
On Purpose
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Transforming Problems into Purpose

A Real Shift
from Fear
to Purpose
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Group Life Purpose Journeys

Sharing the journey of discovering and implementing your Gift, Purpose, and Vision brings added dimensions, colorful texture, and unexpected learning and insight.  The group dynamic can accelerate the process, expose obstacles, and enhance learning by participating with others to see things that come up on their journey which evokes your progress.  If you appreciate shared learning experiences and the support of a community with common objectives, this is the route for you.

Group Predesigned and Custom Programs

On Purpose

Awakening Community
Life Purpose System
A Master Guide
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On Purpose
for Teams & Groups

A new Reality
Learning and Leading
through Group Dynamics
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On Purpose

The Power of Purpose
into the Grain and Grit
of Your Life
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Do-It-Yourself On Purpose

The jackass and compass method. The helping professions offer a plethora of tools, guide modules, methods, maps, and processes to support the realization of your True/Creative/Higher Self, discovering your Purpose, and living your life to fulfill it. You can pick up these tools laid at your feet and put them to work on behalf of discovering the Gift you’d give, the Purpose you’d live, and creating the Vision you’d build of a better self and world.  If you like to learn from the bumps in the road and self realization that comes from a sore ass, this is the route for you.

Resources to Support Your Self-Learning

On Purpose
Starter Kit

If you are committed
everything needed is
within You
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On Purpose

All the Wisdom & Tools
are Here, On Purpose
Will you use them?
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