The ONLY thing required to discover and live your Life Purpose is a devotion to it, coupled with the understanding that grace will provide the means. We call this the jackass and compass method because it is the one Mike Valentine used in his own journey and to discover his trade as a Life Purpose Guide.

If you wanted to go to Oregon, you could buy an airplane ticket. You could also get a jackass and compass and head north and west. The ride might be bumpy, cold at times, very slow, arduous and painstaking. The need for food and shelter could slow the progress. There are some advantages, you’d know the path intimately having first hand experience of the canyons and deep rivers. The views from the high places would be breathtaking. Your camaraderie with the jackass would be second to none. Having no maps, tools or guides, this is the route Mike Valentine took to realizing his own Gift, Purpose and Vision. It is still available to all and an effective method. If you persist you will eventually get to Oregon, so to speak.

All joking aside, it is a valid path and may very well be your preferred route. It is a very effective method.  Lessons learned hard are learned well.

If you prefer to “Do-It-Yourself” On Purpose, this Starter Kit will help you set out and the Library On Purpose can stoke your inspiration and clarity all along the way.

With the Do-It-Yourself On Purpose starter kit, you receive all the essentials to support your journey from fear to Purpose. These include clear directions, recommended doses, and instructions for how to use the tools. They are time released over the next 6 weeks, giving you the opportunity to use each one before the next is delivered. You will receive the following guide modules:

  • BUT Reduction Worksheet.
  • Creating 10-Year/Future Vision
  • A Game Worth Playing
  • RED Dot Worksheet
  • Gift / Purpose / Vision 1.0
  • Intention / Honesty / Practice

These are the very same essentials used in private guided journeys with Mike Valentine, as well as the School On Purpose and each Game On Purpose.

Intention, Honesty and Practice is all it takes.

The Wisdom of the ages suggests that we can transform our whole life with just one virtue. The ideas of Love, Peace, Grace, Courage, Presence or Joy… any one of which (if we applied it) could change everything we are and everything we see. So, the key is applying these tools, implementing, and integrating not only the tools but the virtues we learn and extract as we use them.

Much of the process is making a full shift to living and loving On Purpose, which is fear hunting. Fear grows in denial, confusion and blame. It dissolves in exposure. If you are willing to bring a consistency of Intention, Honesty and Practice to applying guide modules from the Do-It-Yourself On Purpose starter kit, passionately exposing every fear in every form you will take your place among the highly competent and deeply fulfilled students of Life On Purpose Now.


Do-It-Yourself On Purpose Starter Kit...

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