The School On Purpose applies tried and tested methods of illuminating shadows as a pathway to discovery of your Creative Self (in groups). Underneath the shadows of our formative events and memories the Gift you are here to give, the Purpose you’d love to live, and the Vision you have of a better self and world lay like shining treasure.

This includes:

  • Being part of an awakening community where discovering and living Life On Purpose is the shared goal.
  • The common structure of the Life Purpose Guidance System.
  • Direction of a Master Life Purpose Guide.
  • A year-long curriculum (following the group work)
  • Clinics across the subjects of mastery and applying the tools.
  • Training your Thought, Energy and Action (TEA) to be sourced and thrust by your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision.

In the School On Purpose, we do what it takes to illuminate the shadows and reclaim your Creative Self. After the group work, the tools and support to optimize the Freedom, Power and Inspiration of living and leading On Purpose are laid at your fingertips.

The School On Purpose leads you through distinct phases creating transformational journey (delivered in live groups via video conferencing or in person).

Would you like the support of an awakening community with a common goal, the structure of a Life Purpose Guidance System, and the direction of a Master Life Purpose guide?

If you hear an honest “yes” as the answer to these questions, the School On Purpose may be the right next step for you.

The initial kickoff is 18 hours of group work. You gain clarity of how your Thought, Energy and Action is can be sourced and thrust by your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision.


Phase I: Welcome to Ego’s Last Stand

We embark on an adventure of deep fear hunting in an interactive inquiry and uncovering process. You become viscerally aware of fear-born beliefs. You see unconscious habits these have created, as well as how these “Default Plays” have produced undesired, yet consistent results throughout your life.

You gain a piercing awareness into your “critical self” as you see the anatomy of the ego. This catalyzes a leap of consciousness that takes you through a point of no return. Though perhaps painful, there is a welcome realization of this “truth that sets you free.”

We aim for ground zero, leaving no stone unturned. There you will see a path of Freedom from Fear. A choice will emerge to release life-long patterns and create space for your shift to expressing, leading, and living life On Purpose.

Phase II: Conceiving Your Creative Self

Every person has a Gift to give, a Purpose to live, and a Vision for a better self and world. Yours may have been buried under the fearful conditioning of the ego for too long. This day, we will dig it out together.

With the ego’s thought system exposed, your Creative Self stands in bright contrast to the starkness of fear’s shadows. Bringing to light the part of you that bears true expression is a substantial awakening.

You will put on a single piece of paper 90% of the fear-based patterns that have held you back and the core ideas of your Creative Self.

You will find yourself moved by what truly inspires you. A growing enthusiasm to create your future On Purpose wells up. The reward for your effort is a framework to review what has held you back… and create a shift to your Creative Self in six minutes or less.

With practice of this Shift, you will realize a sustained ability to live life On Purpose Now.

Check point – is an important crossroads. Moving forward requires acknowledgment that the ego thought system has been sufficiently uprooted (so its eventual upending is imminent). You will also validate the authenticity of your Gift, Purpose, and Vision. We move forward only with a resounding YES..!

Phase III: Creating Your Future On Purpose

From a moment 10-years into the future, you will look back on your life to create a Vision that maxes out your “Inspirometer.” Your 10-Year/Future On Purpose becomes True North for your and compass in life.

From this moment forward, you can wake up each morning knowing to “head that way.” Your vision will begin to shape and develop the person you’ve aspired to be. The doorway opens to live the life you have imagined. You will feel the pull of your true and heartfelt aspirations… right here, right now.

Year One On Purpose

From your 10 Year Vision, we will derive a one-year “Game Worth Playing”. This will be your curriculum for the one-year duration of the program. The primary objective is to cement your shift to purpose across the spectrum of your personal and professional life.

The initial 3 Phases (as outlined above) are transformational, life-changing work. Your only job is to be You, authentically and honestly and follow the process.

The ultimate goal of the School On Purpose is to provide everything you need so that that the majority of your Thought, Energy and Action (TEA On Purpose) is sourced and thrust by your Gift, Purpose and Vision. After the structured group work, the tools are at your fingertips and the support of the community. Life Purpose Guidance System and Mike Valentine’s expertise is available. Yet, the application across a spectrum of life is up to you. It is accomplished as you strategically use the tools and support to reclaim your life for Purpose area by area. Your part then is Intention, Honesty and Practice.  If you will use the tools and do this, your success is guaranteed. 

You may have heard that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. It is also said that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t carry them. These metaphors apply to how well you pull the power of the School On Purpose into the grain and grit of your own life.

Untitled (25 × 35 in)
Shared learning and group dynamics powered by the clarity and inspiration of using leadership as an expression of your purpose for existing creates a whole new world. The increases in effectiveness among your peers, for the people you love and lead, and most importantly, for yourself can be phenomenal. Most efforts to create change fail. Why? The wisdom of the ages tells us that the power is now, yet change methods are often focused on getting somewhere else. We overlook the simple truth that all change starts at the same place. It starts here, where we are in this moment. The only time we can possibly live and lead On Purpose is Now and the only place it can be accomplished is Here. This is an interactive and dynamic workshop for turning hurdles into stepping stones. You will identify your top challenges in business, life, or as a leader. Those challenges will be used to reveal the unconscious operating system that keeps long standing issues stuck in place. We will roll up our sleeves and go to work where there is real power. Mental and emotional barriers will be gently, but powerfully brought to light in a way that creates a point of no return. Together, we will transform your top challenges into heartfelt intentions for fulfilling your real Purpose. These are custom designed, multi-day (3 month, 6 month or 1-year) journeys designed to:
  • Expose and transcend self-imposed psychological and emotional barriers… we will leave no stone unturned.
  • Unleash the power of the true Intentions for your business and life…when you do with intention, what you have previously done with intuition, there is new clarity, power and speed to solutions, decisions and results.
  • Create accountability to your Highest Aspirations…Leaders (humans) can only be truly accountable to what matters most to them. Identifying and putting the spirit to actions and measures takes real work, yet there is nothing more valuable as a leader and in the human experience.

The increases in your effectiveness can be stunning even to yourself at times.


You commit to yourself, family, clients, the other executives, and a process designed to establish an unshakeable foundation of your life and business On Purpose.


A group or team of executives devoted to the next level of performance across the spectrum of life. Small enough to stay agile and accomplish deep transformational work (with no hiding out), yet shared experience and variety to take advantage of the group dynamic that accelerates learning and implementation. This is coupled with a variation of high impact Purpose work, led by Master Life Purpose Guide, Mike Valentine’s application of proven methods for integration in shared learning experiences.


Peak experiences can create irrevocable leaps of consciousness and are a valuable part of the growth process. Yet, the rubber meets the road in consistency of application over time. Each program begins with at least a full day of transformational work. A consistency of the group interaction, application of tools and shared learning empowers a steady flow of transformation coupled with implementation through experiential learning.

Each custom program has the three features built in which creates the mechanics for success and assures sustainability beyond the classroom!

In the Executive Leaders program, the collaboration of learning and the shared issues of business and teams substantially accelerates the process. The skill of a Master Life Purpose Guide cuts to the core of barriers and listens through the Ego’s rhetoric to expose and empower the true values and purpose that lies underneath complaints and concerns.

Primary Outcomes:

  1. Transform your challenges into intentions for fulfilling your Purpose.
  2. Create a “Game Worth Playing” to illuminate the path.
  3. Approach living and leading On Purpose Now as a sport.

These programs are not for the faint of heart, but are very effective for leaders and teams truly ready to harness the power of purpose and achieve a new reality of effectiveness.


Games On Purpose enable a shift that ignites the transformative power of purpose in specific areas of life. Applying a non-linear approach, each game uses a systematic process designed to expose what displaces your purpose and empowers you to practice and master the ability to make “the shift to purpose.” It is accomplished by training your thought, energy and action (TEA On Purpose) to be sourced and thrust by your chosen purpose.

Each game ranges from three to twelve weeks in duration.  You play on teams, but compete only with your inner barriers.  You will consistently increase Clarity, Power and Ability through repetition, playing and learning.

While there is a scoring system, it is for support and inner cooperation, not competition. Playing is Winning. The only way to lose a Game On Purpose is by not playing. As your inner barriers are exposed through ever-increasing awareness, the power of your purpose gets more and more traction.

Acceptance is the key to winning in a Game On Purpose. As you learn to accept yourself, life, and other people as they are, your war on reality ends and so does the war against yourself On Purpose. This, along with running a next play On Purpose, can lead to powerful insights and awakenings that propel you through points of no return. Consistent and reliable increases in Consciousness fuel your steady and powerful Awakening to live and love On Purpose Now.

Games On Purpose are  a revolutionary approach for Awakening into your true and Creative Self.  

Your view of life, who you are, and your purpose within it influences every aspect of life. When you change these… EVERYTHING CHANGES. You will discover and overcome hidden barriers that have limited your power in life and inhibited the ability to accomplish your goals. Old (sometimes life long) patterns and beliefs melt away in the consistent devotion and application of the power of purpose.

Until we are inspired about Life, who we are and what we are going to do with our life, day to day inspirations can seem like an arduous task!  When your Purpose is known, the entirety of life becomes a great curriculum for living and fulfilling it. 

Playing and WINNING in a  Game On Purpose.  The only way to lose is by not playing and learning to live and love On Purpose Now.

Bringing the transformative power of purpose into the grain and grit of life, The Life Purpose Game provides a comprehensive and sustainable leap of Consciousness. 


This is a 12-week Intensive, you learn by playing. It is designed to support you in practicing and mastering “The Shift to Purpose”.  This shift is accomplished by empowering Thought Energy and Action (TEA) to be sourced and thrust by your Purpose.

The Life Purpose Game takes a broad approach that can literally transform your life. As with all the Games On Purpose, you learn by playing. It works to get the power or your purpose down into the grain and grit of life as you live it.

The Game is played on teams to empower ever increasing levels of Freedom, Power and Clarity for living your true Intentions and heartfelt Purpose.

The only requirement to play the Life Purpose Game is to articulate your purpose to 9–18 words and commit to using the game to shift your thoughts, energy and action (TEA On Purpose) to be sourced and thrust by your chosen purpose. There is no other prerequisite.


  • Life Purpose Game online/digital scoreboard.
  • Instructional videos for 
    • learning and playing the game  
    • customizing the game to impact specific areas that matter to you
    • weekly email support for playing and winning at what matters most
  • 4 person team to play and learn with
  • Online Community channels for Games On Purpose at large and your specific Life Purpose Game community + Team channel.
  • Direct access to Mike Valentine’s online Q & A channel.

You play only against your own inner barriers. For the fun of it, we call them the “Ego’s Amigos” of judgment, fear, blame, shame and guilt.

Acceptance of life, yourself and other people is the BIGGEST key to “WINNING THE LIFE PURPOSE GAME”…along with “running the next play” On Purpose Now!


In the game, you learn by playing. The game itself exposes the inner barriers to living true to your higher aspirations. Your part is to bring Intention, Honesty and Practice to the game. As you do, your growth is accelerated dramatically by shared challenges, team dynamics, the repetition of practice and the community learning.


The game covers a broad spectrum of subjects for bringing the power of purpose into the grain and grit of YOUR LIFE. Your health, your relationships, your work, your money, your growth, the direction of your thought/energy/action TEA are an inherent part of the design to support you living On Purpose with what matters most.

There is also a customizable portion of the game to empower you to emphasize and underscore the areas and issues in your life that you want to move forward by bringing purpose to those specifics. Designing “Key Plays” makes the game your own. You can use this section, for example, to implement a morning routine, a new nutrition plan, or focus on a key relationship or issue with your work. It is entirely possible to transform areas you’ve been stuck, where lifelong patterns have persisted.

Each team has four players. You can either bring the other players you’d like to share and experience the game with, or ask to be selected to a team. The shared learning and natural encouragement of playing, being challenged and achieving on a team of like-minded people can be a phenomenal experience. When others share their challenges we are touched with compassion and the desire to support them.  

When we are challenged we may notice a resistance to being supported that leads to breakthroughs in other relationships as well. We can be inspired by others as we see them set their sights on new levels as they soar and stumble to make meaningful progress. We learn, too, that our own inspiration touches others in ways we may not have been aware of. The bond of a shared commitment to living on purpose and using the Life Game On Purpose to increase our abilities and effectiveness can be a deeply enriching experience.  

Even though the teams are often virtual, the depth of contact, connection and companionship can permeate our life and expand to our family, friends and colleagues in ways we may not have imagined. 

Are You Ready to get the Grace of Your Creative Self into the grain and grit of your life… On Purpose Now?


The Fitness Game On Purpose is a revolutionary approach for living healthy and getting fit. It uses the power of purpose to transform your body and life.  Your view of life, who you are, and your purpose within it influences every aspect of life. When you change those… everything changes. You will discover and overcome hidden barriers that have limited your health and fitness success as old patterns and beliefs melt away in the power of purpose.

Until we are inspired about Life, who we are and what we are going to do with our life, why bother taking care of the body; it is at best an arduous task! When your Purpose is known, the body becomes a great curriculum for living and fulfilling it.

In this game, you take on various areas of your body including the “trinity of health” (nutrition, exercise, sleep) transform knowing what to do into doing what you know. Each week you change your habits through increased awareness, learning and improving through repetition and forgiving yourself. The scoring system facilitates this. Teammates help by playing and sharing.

The struggles of others remind us of our humanity and help us learn to steer around our own. As we hear the triumphs of our teammates, we are inspired to keep learning and living our own greatness.

Playing and WINNING The Fitness Game starts with a 7-hour transformational (video or live) Kick-Off workshop. It is played virtually over 12-weeks on teams of 4–6 people where you score points to WIN by playing against your inner barriers. Health and fitness becomes the curriculum to strengthen your body and ability to live true to your Purpose.

+ 30 minute, weekly “Time-Out” calls that charge your inspiration and support you in playing and winning the game.

92% of people who play The Fitness Game WIN, losing an average of 13 pounds!


$300 turn key


  • Fitness Game kick-off, transformational event.
  • 4–6 person teams to play and learn with.
  • The Fitness Game – Online scoreboard.
  • Online Community channels for Games On Purpose at large and your specific Fitness Game community + Team channel.
  • Direct access to Mike Valentine’s online Q & A channel.

Are you ready to live and love yourself and life through your body… On Purpose Now?



“Enlightening, literally (I’ve lightened up by 65 pounds). When Mike said, “You will expand your love for yourself, life and other people,” I never imagined I would achieve and sustain this level of physical, emotional and spiritual health. It’s been over 4 years and it keeps getting better. It’s an inside out job too, I’ve climbed to the top of my profession in the process.”

  • Randy Stang, Top Sales Professional, Aggreko, player – “Wellness Warriors by Design”

“HOLY COW everything is new. I am so alive, happy, free, in love and at ease with people, eating wonderful healthy food, no chocolate, which seemed impossible, and not something I would have ever even tried again, after having given it up about 7 times. I don’t even want it! I am IN A NEW REALITY.”  

  • Amy Booth, Project Manager, player – “Sol Sistahs”

“By playing The Fitness Game, I’ve learned to make my food choices for nutrition rather than eating to satisfy my emotional needs.” 

  • Patsy Serna, Marketer, player – “Should Kickers”

“The Fitness Game has pulled our family together in a brand new way.  We are cooking together instead of laying on the couch watching TV.  We call to tell each other about the times during the day when we overcame temptation.  I love playing this Fitness Game as a family team.  Every time I have attempted to live healthy before – it seemed like I was doing it all by myself.  This time I feel anything but alone.” 

  • Megan Bradley, Dental Student, player – “Betcha Can Bradleys”

“I don’t know what it is about the mind-set exercises, but for someone who has focused on food compulsively for 35 years, it’s been a huge breakthrough for me not to.”

  • Sarah Paige, Event Planner, player – “Infinity and Beyond”

“If I hadn’t been in The Fitness Game, I would have taken the summer off after I had surgery.  But my team helped me get back on track and achieve my goals.” 

  • Erica Stull, Public Relations, player – “Dream Believers”
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