A life-changing program if you are ready to live On Purpose.
The School On Purpose provides a shift so that your Thought, Energy and Action (TEA On Purpose) is sourced and 
thrust by your Gift, Purpose and Vision.

February 17-19, 2023 ~ Kickoff Event

“The Shift” is a 2.5-day Workshop to discover your transpersonal Gift, Purpose, and Vision. Then…

The “School” is the 9-month tried and tested method of illuminating shadows in discovery of your Essential Self.

$555 for 2.5 days of guided, transformational and life-changing work.

The School On Purpose applies tried and tested methods of illuminating shadows as a pathway to discovery of your Essential Self (in groups). Underneath the shadows of our formative events and memories the Gift you are here to give, the Purpose you’d love to live, and the Vision you have of a better self and world lay like shining treasure.

This includes:

  • Being part of an awakening community where discovering and living Life On Purpose is the shared goal.
  • The common structure of the Life Purpose Guidance System.
  • Direction of a Master Life Purpose Guide.
  • A 9-month curriculum (following the group work)
  • Clinics across the subjects of mastery and applying the tools.
  • Training your Thought, Energy and Action (TEA) to be sourced and thrust by your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision.


In the School On Purpose, we do what it takes to illuminate the shadows and reclaim your Essential Self. After the group work, the tools and support to optimize the Freedom, Power and Inspiration of living and leading On Purpose are laid at your fingertips.

The School On Purpose leads you through distinct phases creating a transformational journey delivered as virtual events.

Would you like the support of an awakening community with a common goal, the structure of a Life Purpose Guidance System, and the direction of a Master Life Purpose Guide?

If you hear an honest “Yes” as the answer to these questions, the School On Purpose may be the right next step for you.

The initial kickoff is 18 hours of group work over 2.5 days. You will discover:

  • The fear-based thought system of your Ego.
  • Reduce to a half-page diagram of over 85% of what holds you back in life.
  • The clear motivation to learn and practice how to shift from fear to purpose.
  • Your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision as your reason for existence.
  • Create Your 10-Year Future / Vision.
  • Design Year One On Purpose.

In the process, you gain clarity of how your Thought, Energy and Action can be sourced and thrust by your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision.

The primary objective is to cement your shift to purpose across the spectrum of your personal and professional life.

The 2.5-day Workshop (as outlined below) is transformational, life-changing work. Your only job is to be You, authentically and honestly and follow the process.

The ultimate goal of the School On Purpose is to provide everything you need so that that the majority of your Thought, Energy and Action (TEA On Purpose) is sourced and thrust by your Gift, Purpose and Vision. After the structured group work, the tools are at your fingertips and the support of the community. Life Purpose Guidance System and Mike Valentine’s expertise is available. Yet, the application across a spectrum of life is up to you. It is accomplished as you strategically use the tools and support to reclaim your life for Purpose area by area. Your part then is Intention, Honesty and Practice. If you will use the tools and do this, your success is guaranteed.

You may have heard that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink. It is also said that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t carry them. These metaphors apply to how well you pull the power of the School On Purpose into the grain and grit of your own life.

The 2.5-day Workshop is a kickoff to the School On Purpose
held via Zoom on February 17 – 19, 2023.

Day 1 – Welcome to Ego’s Last Stand   

(9:00AM – 4:30PM MT)

We will embark on an adventure of deep fear hunting in an interactive inquiry and uncovering process. You become viscerally aware of fear-born beliefs. You see unconscious habits these have created, as well as how these ‘Default Plays’ have produced undesired, yet consistent results throughout your life.

You gain a piercing awareness into your false “Ego self” as you see the anatomy of the ego. This catalyzes a leap of consciousness that takes you through a point of no return. Though perhaps painful, there is a welcome realization of this truth that sets you free.

Day 2 – Conceiving Your Essential Self

(9:00AM – 4:30PM MT)

Every person has a Gift to give, a Purpose to live and a Vision for a better self and world. Yours may have been buried under the fearful conditioning of the ego for too long. This day, we will dig it out together.

With the ego’s thought system exposed, Your Essential Self stands in bright contrast to the starkness of fear’s shadows. Bringing to light the part of you that bears true expression is a substantial Awakening.

Day 3 – Creating Your Future On Purpose  

 (9:00AM – 1:00PM MT)

From a moment 10-years into the future, you will look back on your life to create a Vision. We will work diligently until your inspiration for realizing this vision inspires you at a 10 out of 10 on your “Inspirometer.” Your 10-Year Future On Purpose becomes true north for your thrust and compass in life.

From here, you can wake up each morning knowing to “head that way.” Your vision will begin to kindly shape and develop the person you’ve aspired to be. The doorway opens to live the life you have imagined. You will feel the pull of your true and heartfelt aspirations… Right Here, Now.

Your Life Becomes The School On Purpose
over the next 9 months..!

3 Semesters of Support

Each semester (every 3 months), we will connect as a group via Zoom to learn together and increase your ability to implement the Freedom, Power, and Inspiration that comes naturally from living on purpose now.

Community Learning

Shared journeys of implementing your Gift, Purpose, and Vision brings added dimensions. The group dynamic exposes common hidden barriers and accelerates the process through community learning and support.

Tools and Resources

Our Library On Purpose offers effective and efficient tools for getting the grace of your purpose into the grit of your life. The daily application of purpose is essential for success. We provide the tools that ensure success.

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