On Purpose Work

When you feel as though your ability to live On Purpose has been hi-jacked, the only thing to do is use your purpose to get back On Purpose!

Cows Don’t Lay Eggs

Our pursuit of success often lies in the illusion of being something or somewhere else. Seeking it elsewhere will never work. Learn why here.

A Rite of Passage.

You may have heard before that “failure is the pathway to success”. I bet you didn’t come to planet earth knowing how to walk yet. The process of learning to walk is falling. Then you don’t. Finally, you take that heroic first step! Then, you fall again. Then two steps, or three, before the next […]

The Laws of Relationships On Purpose.

The fear-based thought system of our egos can wreak havoc in relationships, especially the ones that matter most to us. As complicated as they can seem, there are a few simple laws that underlie fulfilling relationships. When these laws are known and applied, it can seem like a parting of the seas of fear, doubt, […]