The Laws of Relationships On Purpose.


The fear-based thought system of our egos can wreak havoc in relationships, especially the ones that matter most to us. As complicated as they can seem, there are a few simple laws that underlie fulfilling relationships. When these laws are known and applied, it can seem like a parting of the seas of fear, doubt, and struggle. 

Relationships On Purpose are designed to empower the application, learning and ability with these laws. They are: 

I. Three Fundamental Laws: 
  • I own what I own, absolutely. I am completely responsible for my thoughts, energy, and action.
  • I disown what I don’t own, completely. Having taken ownership of my thoughts, energy, and actions, I absolutely allow others to do that as well.
  • I fully agree to what I agree to… and I do not agree to anything else. 
II. Communicating On Purpose: 
  • I listen to hear, understand, and create clarity, rather than judging, evaluating or being superior and right (making others wrong).
  • I speak to create clarity and creativity in the relationship. I will ask for clarification so that I may hear and understand. I will practice the use of invitations, requests, and demands as the means to progress and agreements.
  • I endeavor to listen deeply, fully allowing others to say everything they would like to express, without interrupting.


**What both sides in any war really want is to be heard and understood by “the other side”. The beginning of listening On Purpose is the end of interruptions and the end of war. This could be the beginning of Love. 


III. Navigating and negotiating (turbulence/conflict) On Purpose: 
  • Admit when a sense of disconnect has occurred (without blame).
  • Restore yourself to individual wholeness by reconnecting to personal purpose and intention. The doorway to this is self-forgiveness.
  • Reconnect, reconcile, and restore trust and shared Purpose and Intention. The doorway to this is forgiving how life happens and other people.


**Forgiving yourself, life and other people is essential and the most certain doorway back to Purpose. 


The curriculum is your relationship, discovering and implementing shared purpose and vision within it, yet these laws are the underlying secret that brings clarity, power, and inspiration to living and loving each other.