The Individual Life Purpose Curriculums are 100% private work in a tried and tested, turn-key process for making the shift to living Your Life On Purpose. It has a built in guarantee for discovering your transpersonal Gift, Purpose and Vision, with the benefit of a Master Life Purpose Guide.

In the discovery, you become viscerally clear of the fear-based thought system of your Ego. This is a piercing awareness that takes you through a point of no return. Sometimes nauseating as it catalyzes an irrevocable leap of consciousness. A powerful willingness to release life-long, patterns and resolve to make a shift to expressing and living On Purpose is developed. The essence of your unique Gift, Purpose and Vision are discovered.

Next, you test our work in your life. We must get a resounding “Yes” to the following questions.

  1. Have we exposed + 90% of what holds you back in life on ½ page?
  2. Do we have the right ideas, on the other ½ page, for the foundation of Your Life On Purpose?

When successfully past the checkpoint, you create a 10/Year-Future of the Vision you have for a better self and world. This need not be a painful process, though many people make it so. You date a paper 10-Years into the future and create your vision looking back. Again, we work until you say “this is right for me – YES”.

Now adding your Intention, Honesty and Practice makes up the essentials for a sustainable shift from fear to Purpose across the spectrum of life.

The next 6 – 12 months, working individually with your Master Life Purpose Guide, you learn to give Your Gift, live On Purpose and build the Vision of what matters most in your life.

The presence of purpose shines the light on the starkest shadows of fear. The initial work is a pathway of “endarkenment”. The brighter the light, the darker the shadows. In the contrast of the darkest shadows in your psyche, your true Creative Self emerges like shining treasure.

The process of implementing is Fear Hunting. This is to trust your Purpose for existing and expose every fear in every form. We run a life timeline of events in search of the fear-born decisions made about yourself, life, who you are, the other people, and your capabilities. This becomes a diagram of your Ego thought system in a series of beliefs, behaviors and results.

Looking at fear you learn to see through it to the truth of who you are as a Creative Essence. Your Gift is the fuel for life, your Purpose is the thrust and your Vision is the compass.

The next 6-12 months, depending on your appetite for growth and progress, we strategically reclaim the subjects and situations of your life for fulfilling your Purpose for existence.

Individual programs range from 18 to 48 hours of direct work with a Master Guide, spanning 6 – 12 months. Each program is tailored to meet your interest, willingness and capability.

Your Guide leads the way leveraging 30 + years experience working with people from all walks of life.

It is 100% possible to live On Purpose Now. Yet, most people share that they don’t know what it is, where to find it or how to live it. The individual Life Purpose Curriculum has been tested across the spectrum of people, challenges and circumstances. It has been pioneered and developed to solve these concerns.

The guarantee is simple, Mike won’t quit until you say “that’s it… these are my Gifts, Purpose and Vision.” A man once asked “what if we don’t discover these?” Mike Valentine responded simply, one of us will die eventually, but I am not quitting. The outcome is inevitable as long as you continue to engage the process honestly with an open mind and heart. 

When you say “Yes, I want to live On Purpose Now, I will see and admit what is in the way, and use the countless tools available as part of the Life Purpose Guidance system,” the right to be a victim is subconsciously surrendered. A new strength and power takes hold. You harness the courage to activate your true and creative essence. We don’t shy away from any issues and you learn to turn hurdles into stepping stones.


Maybe there is a part of you that knows what got you here as a leader, won’t take you to the next levels. If you are faced with a challenge or opportunity where you want to ensure you bring your very best… the Custom Leaders On Purpose Curriculum might be for you.

Most great leaders have a strong sense that they have a Gift to give, a Purpose to live and a Vision for a better self and world. Learning to do intentionally what you have often done intuitively magnifies power as a leader.

Applying the underpinnings of the Life Purpose Curriculum, these programs are customized and tailored to your unique leading situations. Your role and effectiveness as a leader is made the primary curriculum. Power of leadership is the speed of decisions and action.  Are you ready to grow yourself and leadership from the inside out?

Understanding the workings of the fear-born operating system of your ego and training your thought, energy and action to be sourced and led by Purpose, transforms you as a leader and changes your effectiveness in life and leading across the spectrum.

Thought, energy and Action (T.E.A) are three things you always have sovereign authority over.  The application of these determine a leader’s influence and effectiveness.  To that end, a keen and trained eye on 1) progress, 2) thought correction and 3) the release of fear is the core catalyst of Leadership On Purpose.

Marcus Aurelius, an emperor of Rome, is paraphrased as saying the people believe I rule Rome. They are wrong. I do my best to rule my thoughts, energy and actions.  From there it appears that I rule Rome.

Learning, living and leading from the inside out is access to few regrets. Intention, Honesty and Practice ensures knowing you have brought your best self to challenges and opportunities, you have been given.

Do you have the humility to admit there is room to grow as a leader?

Do you want to live and lead On Purpose more consciously and effectively?

Will you see and admit what is in your way?

If you hear an honest “Yes”… the challenge is halfway over. This tried and tested process and gigantic chest of tools provides the rest with the hands on mastery of a Life Purpose Guide.


What is it?..  Access to uncommon contact, connection and intimacy.

The Private Couples work is designed to create a common language and process that produces an uncommon depth of contact, connection and intimacy.  

The discovery of individual Gift, Purpose and Vision precedes shared Purpose and Vision. Through this, you also create a process for navigating, negotiating and moving through everything that comes up in life …On Purpose.  

Most relationships seem to include cycles of inspiration and deflation, adrenaline and despair, being critical or creative together, and shared choices of fear or Love. There are times that good karmic tailwinds in the sail of your relationship can turn to strong headwinds. Metaphorically, if you agree to navigate and sail all the winds from a place of shared Purpose, it is possible the connection will be fueled by consistently deeper levels of consciousness, unity and wisdom. With each challenge and obstacle faced On Purpose, the ability to increase clarity, power and speed is a natural by-product of living and loving together.

The fear-based thought system of our egos can wreak havoc in relationships, especially the ones that matter most to us. As complicated as they can seem, there are a few simple laws that underlie successful relationships. When these laws are known and applied, it can seem like a parting of the seas of fear, doubt and struggle.

The Couples On Purpose work is designed to empower the application, learning and ability with these laws. They are:

I. Three Fundamental Laws:

  • I own what I own, absolutely. I am completely responsible for my thoughts, energy and action.
  • I disown what I don’t own, completely. Having taken ownership of my thoughts, energy and actions, I absolutely allow others to do that as well.
  • I fully agree to what I agree to… and I do not agree to anything else.

II. Communicating On Purpose:

  • I listen to hear, understand and create clarity, rather than judging, evaluating or being superior and right (making others wrong).
  • I speak to create clarity and creativity in the relationship. I will ask for clarification so that I may hear and understand. I will practice the use of invitations, requests and demands as the means to progress and agreements.
  • I endeavor to listen deeply, fully allowing others to say everything they would like to express, without interrupting.

**What both sides in any war really want is to be heard and understood by “the other side”. The beginning of listening On Purpose is the end of interruptions and the end of war. This could be the beginning of Love.

III.  Navigating and negotiating (turbulence/conflict) On Purpose:

  • Admit when a sense of disconnect has occurred (without blame).
  • Restore yourself to individual wholeness by reconnecting to personal purpose and intention.  The doorway to this is self forgiveness.
  • Reconnect, reconcile and restore trust and shared Purpose and Intention. The doorway to this is forgiving how life happens and other people.

**Forgiving yourself, life and other people is essential and the most certain doorway back to Purpose.

The curriculum is your relationship, discovering and implementing shared purpose and vision within it, yet these laws are the underlying secret that brings clarity, power and inspiration to living and loving each other.

Relationships by default are often the ego’s need to prove we are good enough, lovable and/or wanted. They don’t work because no matter how much we ask someone else to give us this, we live on our own supply of thought, energy and action… not theirs.

This program will only work if you are willing and ready to admit and accept your fear of living and loving fully. This is accomplished by making a conscious shift to shared purpose. When this happens, the fear based connection is uncoupled. Remarrying Your Creative Selves is sure to work, as long as you don’t quit.

The presence and benefit of clarity, power and inspiration that is generated in your primary relationship is contagious. It permeates and influences every relationship you have in life… On Purpose.


This is an interactive and dynamic workshop for turning hurdles into stepping stones.  Bring your three biggest challenges, in business, life or as a leader. We will use them to reveal the unconscious operating system that keeps long standing issues stuck in place.

Many efforts to create change fail. Why? They overlook the simple truth that all change starts at the same place. It starts here, where you are. The wisdom of the ages tells us that the power is now, yet change methods are often focused on getting somewhere else.

The only time we can possibly live and lead On Purpose is Now and the only place it can be accomplished is Here. 

We roll our sleeves up and go to work where there is real power. Mental barriers and emotional blocks are kindly brought to light. This creates a point of no return. We will transform your three biggest problems into a heartfelt Intentions for fulfilling your real Purpose.

This watershed event takes maneuvers in consciousness that lead through a point of no return. The power of Purpose shines the light on old patterns and shows the way to shift them…

We will:

  • Rate your willingness to see hidden barriers
  • Go on a Fear Hunt
  • Discover the RED Dot… “You Are Here”
  • Create how it would be if you had it your way…
  • Turn the Problems into Purpose
  • Design a Game Worth Playing

You leave the program with a Game Worth Playing to continually transform the problems you came in with, into Purpose.

A process of support and accountability is designed with the small group or team.

You learn from playing, the only way to lose is by not playing.

There is an end date to the Game Worth Playing where it will be scored and completed and the next steps designed On Purpose.

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