On Purpose Work


The “On Purpose Work” is comprised of 4 questions.

Here are the first three for quick access:

1. Do I want to live On Purpose?
2. Am I On Purpose Here?
3. How shall I proceed On Purpose Now?


Below are the questions with commentary and instructions for how to use them. There is also the 4th question which is recommended only after applying the first 3 over time.


Commentary and instructions.

1. Do I want to live On Purpose!?

         – If No, stop here.

         – This may seem like a stupid question, but it is worth asking and answering honestly many times each
day. If honestly answered “Yes”, you will feel a sense of freedom as you release the opportunity to be a
victim by having chosen the option to Live On Purpose – purposefully! Proceed to #2

2. Am I On Purpose Here?

This is a question you want to answer very honestly.

        – If yes, proceed to question #3.

        – If no, it can only be that some form of fear has hi-jacked your ability to live On Purpose. The only thing to do is use your purpose to get back On Purpose!

If you are judging, blaming yourself or others, creating or perpetuating drama, there is a good chance you are not On Purpose Now. If you are confused there is a form of fear present which is being denied or projected. It has hi-jacked your attention… and you are believing fear is real.

Remember the goal of the ego and the false world of illusion that it imagines and exists within is – “to prove fear is real; what is essential (Purpose) is not here”. It is very useful to identify and name the fear pattern and habit that has displaced your purpose. Fear spreads in denial, projection and confusion. Fear dissolves in exposure, acceptance and a commitment to living On Purpose.

Using The Red Dot to identify what has hi-jacked your purpose is a great tool. For example, “I am sad, angry, judging and telling a story that my son (boss, wife, parent) is malicious”. Is this my purpose? NO, it’s not really my purpose to be a victim to my stories and feelings about my son.

Next, do whatever it takes to get clear about your purpose and activate the freedom, power and inspiration you experience when you’re purpose is switched On.

This does not need to be mysterious. If you are asked if you have shoes on you will answer yes or no. Are you On Purpose Now?.. can be answered the same way – yes or no. Just as you know you have shoes on, or not, you can know yes or no to this question.

The only place your purpose can be is HERE, where you ARE! Given you answered “YES” to the first question, doing whatever it takes to get clear about and empowered by your purpose is the ONLY logical next step.

When your answer is Yes, I am On Purpose, move to the next question.

3. How shall I proceed On Purpose Now?

You said “yes, I want to live On Purpose” and “yes, I am On Purpose Now”. This assumes you are clear about what your purpose is. So HERE you are in these conditions with these people. The only time to live On Purpose is NOW. What are your options, how shall you give your Gift, live On Purpose, and build the Vision you have of a better self and world? If you are willing to SLOW down and listen, your purpose itself will reveal this to you! You will gain clarity, power and speed with practice.

          It is worth noting that if you see only one option for living on purpose, this is most likely the ego. The ego
sees only one way things can be accomplished. Looking through the lens of your purpose you will be able
to see multiple ways to move forward. Having chosen your purpose and explored options, it is now imperative that you make a decision about how to live it; and act on that decision.

         Run the next play On Purpose!

* This final question is one that is best answered after deliberating over time. It can be valuable to use the first three questions (as well as you are capable) to give your Gift, live your Purpose and build your Vision of a better
self and world in every situation. We cannot know how our purpose, when applied, will effect situations and other people. It can be a costly and never-ending mistake to start changing external conditions and other people without fully applying the freedom, power and inspiration that comes with living On Purpose.

Nonetheless, after time and confidence in having activated and applied your purpose, here is a 4th question:

4. Are these viable conditions, fertile grounds and willing people for me to optimize living On Purpose?

If the answer to this question is no, there could be external changes in order or a change of context,
intention and strategy.


If you find yourself with questions, I encourage you to reach out. The journey to living On Purpose is 100% possible. Let me help you start your path forward.