A Rite of Passage.


You may have heard before that “failure is the pathway to success”. I bet you didn’t come to planet earth knowing how to walk yet. The process of learning to walk is falling. Then you don’t. Finally, you take that heroic first step! Then, you fall again. Then two steps, or three, before the next fall.

Learning to live On Purpose follows this same process. As contradictory as it sounds… if you are failing to live On Purpose, you are succeeding at learning how. So, if you have been judging your shortcomings or lapses in
effectiveness, please take a moment to forgive, complete and come to peace with the process, the past and yourself!

1) It is 100% possible to live 100% On Purpose Now.
2) If you don’t choose your Purpose and decide how you will live it, you won’t.
3) Once Purpose is known everything serves to fulfill it

This world, life, these bodies, all events, encounters, and circumstances faithfully serve the purpose you assign them.

Give the world, conditions, and life a new purpose and they will serve to fulfill it.

You may hear a voice that says, BUT I am failing to live On Purpose. Listen well and you might be surprised to discover you’re succeeding more than you know. If you have a chosen Purpose, you can learn now how it is always serving you.

Imagine your Purpose serving and fulfilling itself in only one of the following two ways:

1) There are events and conditions and circumstances where it is easy to live fully On Purpose Now. These conditions help you see the true strength and power of having chosen your Purpose and decided how you will live it. These seem to be the conditions we like, too.

2) There are, however, other conditions which challenge the ability to stay On Purpose. Take a moment to think of a couple. This may be when money is tight, or when your significant other is blaming you for how they feel. Perhaps when the children feel entitled, to things you have worked long and hard to accomplish and they take them for granted. THESE conditions are the ones that show you the opportunities to go inside, find your Voice of Purpose and deepen the resolve to live On Purpose Now, no matter what. This is where you learn the power of Purpose from the inside out!

Living On Purpose is not based on conditions.

Once you have deliberately chosen to live On Purpose all events, encounters, and circumstances are seen, as helpful in fulfilling your Purpose or exposing what is displacing it.

When you notice you are not On Purpose for any reason whatsoever there is nothing else to do except use your Purpose to get back On Purpose.

Here is a simple Rite of Passage to test your learning:

When you discover you are not On Purpose for any reason, there is only
one thing to do. It is…

A. Call the White House and ask them to tell you what your Purpose is.

B. Spend at least half the day being off Purpose, allowing fear to hijack your thought, energy, and action.

C. Use your Purpose to get back On Purpose Now (maybe using a BUT Reduction to aid in your Fear Hunting)

D. Resign to the beliefs you are not good enough, unlovable, and unwanted
and use these conditions to prove that it is true.

I would love for you to share your answer and anything you are learning about what it means and what it takes to live On Purpose. Please email me at Mike@OnPurposeNow.com.