Be who you are meant to be.

Personal. Powerful. Exceptional. Every damn day.

Within each one of us lies the power to be who we were meant to be. Yet between the hustle of daily life, and long held fears from the past, it is all too easy to lose sight of what we are capable of. The Life Game On Purpose provides a customizable framework of self-exploration, enabling you to expose the places that fear hides in your actions and routines. In doing so, you uncover your true purpose. Play the game to harness the power of small, daily actions and discover your essential self.

How to play on purpose:

Establish your purpose.
Review the Start with Heart module to ground yourself in the game and get familiar with the rules.
Set your personal plays.
Make it your game by scoring points that are specific to your life and improve what matters most.
Track your daily scores.
Daily scoring reveals your hidden potential. Learn more about the gifts you have to give by playing the game.
Lean into team.
Play together, win together, lose together, learn together. Long after the game, shared learning remains.
Reflection and improvement.
Reflect on what’s working, work on what’s not. Reliable feedback leads you to tweak your strategy and shift from critical to creative.
Reveal your potential.
Watch your scores rise over the weeks as you discover your purpose. Lean into the game and learn to play with mastery.
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Take Heart

Strengthen your connection to the most meaningful parts of yourself.

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Know Fear

See the fear, feel the freedom - dissolve old patterns and live true to your essential self.

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Be Here

Find focus, clarity, and direction by turning presence into practice and living with purpose.

Mike Valentine

Hello, I'm Mike Valentine.

I have one question: do you want to live on purpose now?

I have the honor of serving and making a living as a Life Purpose Guide. I view living On Purpose as an art, science and sport. Life is the daily arena and Fear Hunting is my craft. I’d be honored to support your journey through fear to Purpose . . . if it is a right next step for you.

“After years of personal growth and development. Purpose is the puzzle piece that brought everything into perspective for me. Mike’s deep insights, wisdom, sage advice and the On Purpose Now framework have helped me to achieve an entirely new level of fulfillment, clarity and peace in my life.”

Peter Svenneby
Managing Partner, Syntuity

“Since I discovered my Purpose… “Connecting, People, Purpose, and their Passion”, I love what I do, with people I love, have been compensated accordingly, and enjoy real freedom living my life of intention.”

Jamie Cornehlsen
Implementer, Entrepreneurs Operating System (EOS/Traction)
“Mike Valentine is a gifted guide with a beautiful and powerful soul. I had no idea what’s possible in discovering the Gifts I’m here to give, the Purpose I’m here to live, and my Vision for the world. This is a priceless gift. I am forever grateful.”
Townsend Wardlaw
Founder, THW Consulting
Townsend Wardlaw
“Attending the 1st School On Purpose, was intense working through our fears. I was amazed when confronted with finding my Purpose. Everyday I am faced with the choice of fear/ego or Purpose. I have the tools and the practice to get back On Purpose Now, so I do.”
Melanie Spatola
Sr. Manager VMware Cloud | VMware Global Support
Melanie Spatola
“The Life Purpose Curriculum and Mike Valentine’s guidance is phenomenal. I felt seen, heard and completely understood. This work is practical, powerful and purposeful and so has been my life since.”
Luisa Molano
Spiritual Guide and Success Coach
Luisa Molano
“Mike Valentine held me accountable for my actions (or lack thereof) and helped me understand clearly why I was resistant to move forward.”
Mary Stein
Founder, Dream Big Day Camp
Mary Stein
“I learned life purpose is in the way I show up to any situation or challenge instead of in my career or accomplishments. Understanding this difference strengthens my ability to handle all of life’s challenges by leaning into my purpose of Integrity, Leadership and Contribution.”
Joy Murphy
Board President, Rocky Mountain Chapter Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation
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“As a mentor, advisor and friend, Mike Valentine gave me insight to be mindful of my gifts and tools to see my life through the lens of purpose.”
Steve Sager
President & CEO, ExtenData
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Run your next play with the free On Purpose Work guide module.

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