Look into the bottom of Your Heart

There you will find you have a Gift to Give, a Purpose to live, and a Vision to create a better self and world. Courage is the cutting edge of Love. Where it cuts, fear is released and the mind and heart are opened. Are you ready to stop seeking and start practicing for real? You will find everything it takes lying like a shining treasure at the bottom of your heart.

Claim your Freedom!

BUT Reduction Workshop

Face the Fear, Feel the Shift!

RED Dot Workshop

Do it yourself On Purpose!

Tools for Fear Hunting

Living On Purpose is a free-will project. No one has to do it.
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Mike Valentine

Life Purpose Guide; Fear Hunter

Mike experienced his share of challenges on a path that hollowed-out his spirit. He discovered Purpose to pull him through. This left him with a burning passion to help others give their Gift, live their Purpose and build the Vision they have of a better self and world.