Exercise scoring


Three points are scored for a minimum of 20 minutes of moderate to intense cardiovascular exercise.

Strength / Weight training

Three points for strength/weight training are scored when you have trained for a minimum of 30 minutes with weights or resistance taking no more than 1 minute intervals between sets.

Abs / Core strengthening

Three points are scored for a minimum of 10 minutes of intense abdomen or core strengthening exercises.


One point is scored for a minimum of 10 minutes of conscious continuous stretching.

Group exercise

Three points are scored for moderate to high intensity group exercise classes. This includes Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Martial arts, Spin, and other types of group exercises that are at least 20 minutes in duration.

Low intensity high duration

Three points are scored for low intensity exercises that are 1 hour or longer in duration. This includes snow skiing, hiking, backpacking, leisure bike riding, leisure swimming, snorkeling, deep sea diving, rock climbing, and other similar activities.

Red Zone BONUS

Three points are earned for taking intensity levels to the “Red Zone” one time each day. Red Zone intensity is defined as pushing yourself all the way to the limit, getting outside your comfort zone, On Purpose. For example, when weight training, push all the way to peak performance. This means pushing yourself to the point where you could not do one more rep. With cardiovascular training, red zone intensity is when you push to an all out intensity for one minute. If running, swimming, or using a treadmill or stair machine you have gone full blast and given everything you have for one minute (preferably the last minute of a 20-30 minute workout) then you have achieved “Red Zone” intensity.

Almost all constructive change involves a period of discomfort and even soreness at times. You may find creative ways to intentionally expand your capacity by getting outside the comfort zone On Purpose. For example: turning water in the shower to cold for 30 seconds to create alertness and wake your body up, learning a new yoga pose, or new sport like paddle boarding are ways you can earn the Red Zone Bonus.