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Are you ready to see and admit everything that is in the way of realizing your Creative Self?

Are you willing to stop seeking and start practicing what will create and fulfill the Vision you have of a better self and world? Would you like the support of an awakening community with a common goal, the structure of a Life Purpose Guidance System, and the direction of a Master Life Purpose guide?

If you hear an honest “yes” as the answer to these questions, the School On Purpose may be the right next step for you.

School On Purpose is a three-day workshop during which you will gain the clarity such that more than 51% of your Thought, Energy, and Action is sourced and thrust by your transpersonal Gift, Purpose, and Vision.



Day One: Welcome to Ego’s Last Stand

We will embark on an adventure of deep fear hunting in an interactive inquiry and uncovering process. You become viscerally aware of fear-born beliefs. You see unconscious habits these have created, as well as how these Default Plays have produced undesired, yet consistent results throughout your life. You gain a piercing awareness into your Critical Self as you see the anatomy of the ego.  You will have a choice to release life-long patterns and create space for your shift to expressing, leading, and living life On Purpose. 


Day Two: Conceiving Your Creative Self

Every person has a Gift to give, a Purpose to live, and a Vision for a better self and world. Yours may have been buried under the fearful conditioning of the ego for too long. This day, we will dig it out together. You will find yourself moved by what truly inspires you. A growing enthusiasm to create your future On Purpose wells up. With practice of The Shift, you will realize a sustained ability to live life On Purpose Now. 


Day Three: Creating Your Future On Purpose

From a moment 10 years into the future, you will look back on your life to create a Vision that maxes out your “Inspirometer.” Your 10 Year Future On Purpose becomes True North for your thrust and compass in life. Your vision will begin to shape and develop the person you’ve aspired to be. You will feel the pull of your true and heartfelt aspirations… Right Here, Right Now. 


Year One On Purpose: From your 10 Year Vision, we will derive a one-year Game On Purpose where playing (and winning) will be your curriculum for the duration of the program. The primary objective is to cement your shift to purpose across the spectrum of your personal and professional life. 



  • March 27–29, 2020
  • June 5–7, 2020
  • August 28–30, 2020
  • November 13–15, 2020


Fee:  $850



  • 3 full days, 9:00AM – 4:00PM, of in-depth curriculum and instruction
  • School On Purpose workbook
  • Lunch, morning & afternoon refreshments
  • One year of follow-on support Fear Hunting Guides and articles
  • Monthly live video seminars (Maybe an online Life Purpose Manual)
  • Exclusive online Slack community
  • Access to Mike Valentine as your guide


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