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Games On Purpose are fun, engaging ways to lean in and learn what it means for you to live On Purpose.


With a non-linear approach, each game provides a systematic process designed to expose what displaces your purpose and enable a shift that ignites the transformative power of purpose in specific areas of life.

The purpose of the games is to support you in practicing and mastering “the Shift to Purpose”. This is accomplished by empowering thought, energy, and action (TEA On Purpose) to be sourced and thrust by your chosen purpose.

While there is a scoring system, it is for support and inner cooperation. “Playing is Winning.” The only way to lose is by not playing. You play only against your inner barriers. As they are exposed through ever-increasing awareness, the power of your purpose gets more and more traction. Acceptance is one of the biggest keys to winning in a Game On Purpose. As you learn to accept yourself, life, and other people as they are, your war on reality ends. This, along with running a “next play” On Purpose, can lead to powerful insights and awakenings that propel you through points of no return and perhaps unimagined levels of Clarity, Power, and Freedom.


There are currently three Games On Purpose:

  1. Life Purpose game
  2. Love On Purpose game, for dating and relationships
  3. Fitness game


The Life Purpose Game takes a broad approach that could literally transform your life. As with all the Games On Purpose, you learn by playing in this 12-week On Purpose Intensive. It works to get the power or your purpose down into the grain and grit of life as you live it.

The only requirement to play the Life Purpose Game is to articulate your purpose to 9–18 words and commit to using the game to sift your thoughts, energy, and action (TEA On Purpose) to be sourced and thrust by your chosen purpose.  There is no other prerequisite.


Please contact us if you are interested in joining an upcoming Game On Purpose event.

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