Daily BONUS points

Did you use RED and BLUE INK to distinguish between the Ego self and Essential Self today?

Score 3 points when, in your journaling or learning, you typed or wrote the Ego self in red and the Essential Self in blue.  This includes using Red and Blue in your BUT Reductions, RED Dot Worksheets or writing “default plays” and anywhere you use red to signify fear and blue to signify creativity.

Estimate the % of your T.E.A. (Thought. Energy. Action.) that was CONSISTENT with your PURPOSE / INTENTION overall today.

3 points are scored for estimating the % of your T.E.A. (Thought, Energy, Action) that was sourced and thrust On Purpose today.
JUST ENTER YOUR % and the points populate automatically for you.

Were you HONEST about how you played and scored The Life Game On Purpose today?

3 points are scored for being honest about how you played and scored The Life Purpose Game today.