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Mike Valentine - On Purpose Now

Freedom from fear through a shift to Purpose.

Amidst the dark shadows of life defining challenges, Mike Valentine activates a rare ability to bring light to the transformative power of Purpose and produce real results … read more.

The question: Do you want to live On Purpose?

Are you ready to stop seeking and start practicing?

If you are reading this, you must’ve already said “Yes” on our home page.

If you answered “No”, the website sends you to Google so you can keep searching.

When you hear a solid “Yes, I want to live On Purpose”. You consciously give up the right to be a victim to anything or anyone. A creative power flows into your mind. The natural next question then is “what is my Purpose”? The next move becomes obvious.

Find out what it is and learn how to live it.

Are you willing to see and admit what is in The Way?

If you are like most people, you will hear a voice say things like:

  • BUT… I don’t know what my Purpose is.
  • BUT… I don’t know how to live On Purpose.
  • BUT… It can be confusing, daunting.

BUT…BUT…BUT… maybe you need a BUT Reduction?

Download the BUT Reduction Worksheet and get started.

Begin your process by filling in #1 with: “I would like to live On Purpose Now”.

Follow the directions to get a taste of the BUTs you have in the way.

Would you like the support of a guide?

Every person has a Gift to give, a Purpose to live, and a Vision of a better self and world.

A guide does not give anything that is not already within you.

If you decide to live On Purpose, you do not need anything else. Your purpose will reveal itself and teach you how to live it.

The role of a Guide:

If you wanted to go to Oregon, for example, you could get a donkey and a compass. The ride might be bumpy and the progress slow, but eventually you could make it to Oregon that way. You could also buy an airplane ticket that includes a pilot who has flown to Oregon before. This would add clarity, power and speed to the process.

A guide does just that… adds clarity, power and speed to your journey of living life and leading On Purpose Now. Schedule a consultation with Mike Valentine, to learn about a guided journey.

Is a shift to Purpose for me, my family, my business, or team?

We will each live and die in service of something. Question is, will it be your Purpose for existing, or fear?

On Purpose Now, no matter what?

A few people are going to live and die On Purpose. Nothing will stop them. They know their Creative Self and what their life is for. There is notable absence of fear from the past. They are moved by the power of Purpose in the present moment, inspired and guided by a Vision. Are you in this category of people “On Purpose Now”?

Faint of Heart.

Most people won’t design and live life On Purpose. Bringing this level of resolve to your profession, relationships and contribution to the world, is not for the weak and faint of heart. Instead, many cling to the beliefs that they are not good enough, unwanted and unlovable. Every fear proves itself true in the mind that imagines it, and so they shrink. Proving these beliefs has become their default purpose. These people have resolved unconsciously to serving their critical/false and fearful self. They have free will to choose purpose over fear, but seem to be lost and wanting to stay that way. Do you want to stay confused and lost?

If I could, I would.

If only I knew how to discover my Gifts, live On Purpose and be led by a Vision, I would do it. With help, direction and a process to follow – I would make the shift. I’ve tried so much that didn’t work. I struggle to bring purpose to my relationships, business, health and community.

Do you want help sorting this out?Contact Mike or email him at with your questions. He will either answer them or ask to schedule a video or phone call to discuss them in person.

Do you want to live On Purpose Now?

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