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Mike Valentine - On Purpose Now

Freedom from fear through a shift to Purpose.

Amidst the dark shadows of life defining challenges, Mike Valentine activates a rare ability to bring light to the transformative power of Purpose and produce real results  …read more.

Overview: The Transformative Power of Purpose.

The power if purpose is now. It is right here, right now, right where you are. This must be true or else it is nowhere. Purpose is everywhere always available, all the time and in every condition or circumstance you encounter.

The perennial wisdom of the ages teaches that the only real power is here/now. It makes sense. If the access to power is only somewhere else, then we are indeed powerless all the time here where we are. Most, almost all, of the modern psychological, human potential and even spiritual approaches are about getting somewhere else. They teach us “there is better than here, that is better than this, and they have something we don’t”. Therefore we must get there (not here), attain that (which is better than this) or get what they have to give, teach or provide (which we don’t have) and when we do, finally we will feel a sense of purpose, value and connection. These are ego-driven methods which will keep you forever chasing your tail in an endless rat race around a futile maze of life.

Fear can be defined as “false evidence appearing real”. The purpose of the ego and the false world of illusion that it imagines and exists within, it so prove that fear is real. This is to say what is essential is not here, it is elsewhere. We never get there, but we are always here. Later never comes, but now is eternal. If we live out the belief that power and happiness are some other place and time we will surely live and die in futility, unhappiness and with an underlying sense of powerlessness. We will subtly or grossly avoid the only time and place we can possibly bring the transformative power of purpose…the Great Here and Now!

The transformative power of purpose is here, now. It is within you whether you believe, trust and know it or not. It is where you are and you can activate it by your decision to do so!

How does it work?

The transformative power is activated by the grace of serving purpose through the grit of life and humanity – body, relationships, business and community. This is accomplished with the following 9 practicums:

  • Business On Purpose
  • Sales On Purpose
  • Leaders On Purpose
  • Teams On Purpose
  • Fitness On Purpose
  • Families On Purpose
  • Couples On Purpose
  • Life On Purpose
  • Mastery On Purpose

The On Purpose Now Guidance System adapts for the nuances of each of these practicums as the challenges they present, is adjusted to serve as curriculum to switch from unconscious and off purpose to being On Purpose Now.

Is a shift to purpose for me, my family, or my organization?

Do you experience the sense there is something else you should be doing or somewhere better to be?

If your answer is yes, it could serve you to be suspicious the ego operating system and beliefs are undermining your capacity to live in the presence and power of this moment on purpose.

Every person has a Gift to give, a Purpose to live and a Vision they would build of a better self and world. Some people are going to do it no matter what. These people are “On Purpose” and they know it. They can tell you who they are in their creative self, what their life is for and what they are creating and building in the world. You will know them because they are not driven by the fears of the past. Rather they are moved by the power of purpose now in this present moment of truth. Furthermore, they are inspired, led and guided by the possibility of a future vision they have and serve. We will all live and die in service of something. The question is will it be fear or the purpose we were born to live? Are you in this “On Purpose” category?

Designing and living on purpose in your profession, your relationships, with your family and loved ones is not for the weak and faint of heart. There are many, probably most, people who won’t design and live life on purpose, no matter what. Instead, they will cling to the limiting beliefs that they are not good enough, unwanted and unlovable. The irony is (as misconstrued and insane as this is) proving these beliefs actually is their purpose by default. Every fear proves itself real in the mind that imagines it. These people are unknowingly lost and unconsciously mistaken. They have defaulted to the purpose of serving their critical self and proving that fear is real. They can awaken to a new constructive and inspiring purpose, but it is their decision to do so. Every person has the free will choose fear over love or love over fear. As we accept and respect this, we claim our own freedom to decide and harness the authority of our own decisions. Thus, from those who are lost and want to stay that way we have the opportunity to create respect for them and our selves… on purpose.

There is yet a third category which are people who would give their Gift, live on Purpose and be led by a Vision of a better self and world, if only they knew how. They struggle to discover these, and implement them in their relationships, business, body, businesses and communities. With a little help and direction they could make a powerful shift from life by default, driven by fear and old familial patterns to living On Purpose Now.

So to determine if a shift to purpose is for you, there are really only four simple questions to ask.

  1. Which of these categories would I place myself or my business in?
    1. On Purpose.
    2. Off purpose and wanting to stay that way.
    3. Sensing a desire to activate the power of purpose.
  2. Do I want to stay in the category I’m in?
  3. Do I want to make a change on my own?
  4. Do I want to add clarity, power and speed to the discovery and fulfillment of living on purpose with the support of a guide?

If you answered yes to question 2 or 3 exit this browser.

If you answered no to questions 2 and 3 and yes to question 4, please contact Mike now and schedule a 20 minute consultation.

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